Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 35: Christmas Yet To Come

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Description: Weeks in Review, Stories, Questions, Last one of 2013 Folks!

Ep.35 Links:
+ Galaxy Quest (IMD):

1:00. Big week coming up
+ Dark Dungeons (web):
+ Dark Dungeons – Chick Tract (web):
+ Closing I-5 (web):
+ Rude Mechanical (FB):

4:58. Shout outs to Trampas Johnson, Chris Bovey, Seth, Tim Martin
+ The Room (IMDB):

6:32. Apology to Adam Boyd and/or Clancy
+ Bruchi’s:

10:12: Andy’s week
+ Contra (wiki)
+ Ryse (web):
+ Lego Marvel (web):

19:46: Rude Mechanical Live 102
+ American Horror Story (IMDB):
+ Glitch (web):
+ Buy the Glitch DVD! (Amazon):
+Padington’s Pizza:

Thank you to Nate for the Two Bards cover art

29:32. Paula Moran. What kind of character or creature makeup would you want to do?
+ Doug Jones (IMDB):
+ Practical Orc (blog):

35:05. Chris Piazzo. How do you decide what makes it into the extras of a DVD?

40:03. Tom Brophy. Can you both share some of your favorite Peter O’Toole films?
Peter O’Toole (IMDB):
High Spirits (IMDB):
King Ralph (IMDB):
Caligula (IMDB):
Man of La Mancha (IMDB):
Venus (IMDB):

44:52. Lotta Djerf. What will be the movie that you just have to watch during the Christmas holidays.
+ Twit Pic:

+ Rankin/Bass Productions (wiki):
+ Heat Miser Song (YouTube):
+ A Christmas Story (IMDB):
+ Elf (IMDB):
+ Die Hard (IMDB):
+ Gremlins (IMDB):
+ The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (IMDB):
+ Christmas Vacation (IMDB):

+ The Affluenza Defense:

+ Funny Farm (IMDB):
+ The Ref (IMDB):
+ Mixed Nuts (IMDB):

+ Matthew Groening (wiki):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 34: Back on the Pole

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Description: Week in Review, Cold, XCX, Seahawks, Questions

Ep.34 Links:
+ Audacity:

2:37. This Week
+ Glitch (web):
+ Buy the Glitch DVD! (Amazon):

+ XCX (FB):
+ Beau Prichard (IMDB):
+ Shawn R. Shelton (IMDB):
+ STAGEright Theatre (FB):

+ Lunch (FB):
+ Todd Downing (IMDB):

+ Week 14 SEA @ SF:
+ Beats by Dre x Colin Kaepernick (YouTube):
+ Russell Wilson (twitter):
Scott’s Name Drops: David Nail, Ben Meyer
Andy’s Name Drop: Mike Thompson

+ Rude Mechanical Live, ep.1 (YouTube):
+ Rude Mechanical (FB):
+ Dameon Willich (IMDB):
+ Dark Dungeons (web):
+ Dark Dungeons Casting Call (FB):

42:05. Douglas. Do you use a hit counter with an IP tracker, if so where is the most exotic place you have listeners?
+ Tim Tams at World Market:

44:43. Chris. Do you have any good strip club stories?

54:37. Chris. Do you prefer to go with male friends, mixed company, or your significant other?

1:02:53. Paula Moran. Do you enjoy or dislike FX makeup? Also what is the most elaborate FX makeup you’ve been in?

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 33: Whole Lotta Lotta

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Description: Week in review, Thanksgiving, Rants, Raves, Washers, Dryers, Stories, Longest Episode To Date, Questions. Whew! This is a big one! (That's what she said!)

Ep.33 Links:
+ Elf (IMDB):
+ Love Actually (IMDB):
+ Moose Knuckles (UD):
+ Red 2 (IMDB):

08:33. Andy’s Week
+ Freegan (UrbanDictionary):
+ Clamshell Packaging (web):
+ Wormwood (WebMD):
+ Photoelectric Effect (wiki):
+ Of witches and broomsticks (web):
+ Sex and the City (IMDB):
+ Kim Cattrall (IMDB):
+ Brian Lewis (IMDB):
+ Etsy Ewok Costume (Etsy):

36:06. Scott’s Week
+ Date Night (IMDB):
+ That Guy… Who Was in That Thing (IMDB):
+ Confessions of a Superhero (IMDB):

43:24. Rude Mechanical Live
+ Rude Mechanical Live Test (Nov 12, 2013):
+ Black Sheep (IMDB):
+ Tommy Boy (IMDB):
+ Almost Heroes (IMDB):

52:00. XCX – Xmas Carol Experiment
+ FB:
+ Tickets:
+ Theater Off Jackson (FB):

1:01:00. Thomas Brophy. Any updates on Glass Cannons?

1:02:25. Lotta Djerf. Star Trek the Star Trek the series. Best one? Should there be a new?
+ Karl Urban (IMDB):
+ Star Trek: Phoenix (web):

1:09:41. Lotta Djerf. Best actor ever vs worst? Only one of each.
+ Uwe Boll (IMDB):
+ Robert De Niro (IMDB):
+ Bryan Cranston (IMDB):
+ M. Night Shyamalan (IMDB):

1:15:38. Lotta Djerf. Watched a foreign language movie with subtitle? Like or hate? Remake of foreign language movie does not count!
+ Night Watch (IMDB):

1:24:06. Paula Moran. What is your opinion of Black Friday (the retail event)?
+ Black Friday (wiki):
+ Lemmings (wiki):

1:28:46. Mike Ott. Why Scott and Andy?
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 32: Scadoo

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Description: Week in Review, Keeter, Movies, Opinions, Questions

Ep.32 Links:
+ 32 Scadoo (Skidoo):
+ Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (IMDB):

01:20: Lotta Djerf. Could we have a podcast interview with the And At guys all together?
+ And At (FB):

01:56: Enter Jesse Lee Keeter
+ Jesse Lee Keeter (IMDB):

+ Village People (wiki):
+ D.A.R.E. (web):
+ Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss (web):

05:45 Jesse’s week
+ Hunger Games: Catching Fire (IMDB):
+ Jennifer Lawrence (IMDB):
+ X-Men: First Class (IMDB):
+ MacBeth (“Australian”) (IMDB):
+ Much Ado About Nothing (IMDB):
+ Only God Forgives (IMDB):
+ Nicolas Winding Refn (IMDB):
+ Shoot ‘Em Up (IMDB):
+ Hastings (web):
+ Hudson Hawk (IMDB):
+ Bruno the Kid (wiki):
+ The Counselor (IMDB):
+ Black Swan (IMDB):
+ Lil Wayne (wiki):
+ Super Mario 3D World (wiki):
+ Killer’s Kiss (IMDB):
+ Stanley Kubrick (IMDB):
+ Full Metal Jacket (IMDB):
+ Stripes (IMDB):
+ A.I. Artificial Intelligence (IMDB):
+ Star Wars (IMDB):
+ Twilight (IMDB):
+ Singles (IMDB):
+ Hocus Pocus (IMDB):
+ The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (IMDB):
+ 8-bit Mafia (game):

56:32 Paula Moran. Any idea when auditions for JourneyQuest season 3 will be?

Shout out to Laura Adams; G.I. is Government Issue.

57:45. Moritz Schubert. What is the difference between the types of producers?
+ Keanu Reeves (IMDB):
+ Humans & Households (IMDB):
+ H2Awesome! (web):
+ Frodo / Fredo (web):
+ Tyson hits Peak Munn (blog):
+ Tyson’s Disturbing Thought (YouTube):
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 31: @#$cast

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Description: Weeks in review, rants on telecommunication companies, questions, digressions, and more questions.

Ep.30 Links:
2:34 - This week
+ Hands of Fate:
+ “Many, many Armani” from “Trapper” Kids in the Hall (YouTube):
+ Rifftrax (web):
+ Enron (play) (wiki):
+ XCX (FB):
+ XCX (tickets):

Shout out to Lotta Djerf

+ The Monkey’s Paw (wiki):
+ The Forgurt is also cursed (YouTube):

9:33 – Subtitle Creep
+ Jubler (web):

11:56 – A very dashing shirt
+ The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (IMDB):
+ Edna Mode (IMDB):
+ Adult Wednesday Addams (YouTube):
+ Tera Patrick (wiki):

14:53 – Seattle Theater Readers
+ Thomas Brophy (IMDB):
+ Jesse Lee Keeter (IMDB):
+ Planes, Trains & Automobiles (IMDB):

17:05 – Readings
+ Todd Downing (IMDB):
+ Ordinary Angels (IMDB):
+ SIFF Catalyst (web):

18:35 – Andy’s week (and telecomm rant)
Comcast (web):
McGinn / Ed Murray (web):
FIOS (web):
Laissez-fair (wiki):

29:15 – telemarketing anecdotes

35:02 Questions
Listener shout outs: Lotta Djerf, Sarah Moore, Tiffany Pike, Brian Lewis, Thomas Brophy, Chris Piazzo, Moritz Schubert

40:05. Tiffany Pike Schmidt. Could Brian Lewis please tell everyone the "There's a bee!" story?
+ Extract (IMDB):

44:24. Paula Moran. Has any of the ZOE cast and crew actually been through True Dungeon at GenCon besides the part from HoF that's hinted at in the trailer? If so, what did you think?

45:13. Rival Guy. Andy mentioned that he was a Street Fighter kid. Who did you main, and if you still play fighting games, which, and who do you main in your current games?
+ Street Fighter (wiki):
+ Street Fighter (IMDB):
+ Suzanne Vega (wiki):
+ Soulcalibur (wiki):

52:04. Chris Piazzo. Best food choices in the airport while I wait for my connecting flight?
Ivars (web):

54:03. Jeff Richardson (@eljefetacoma). Hey fellas, my gf wants to try a tabletop RPG. What's the best/easiest intro game for her?
+ Frakkin’ Epic:
+ Red Box D&D (web):
+ Paranoia RPG (web):
+ Serenity RPG (web):
+ Munchkin (web):

1:01:30. Lotta Djerf (@LottaAwake).

1:02:10 Todd McKimmey. Can you have Jen Page on your podcast?

1:02:55. Next week: Keeter!
+ Jesse Lee Keeter (IMDB):
Happy Birthday Keeter!

Q. Seth, how often do Hobbit’s eat?
A1. The Fellowship of the Ring, Prologue “Concerning Hobbits”.
"And laugh they did, and eat, and drink, often and heartily, being fond of simple jests at all times, and of six meals a day (when they could get them)."

“According to Jackson's trilogy, they enjoy seven meals a day, when they can get them: breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, and, later in the evening, supper.”

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio: