Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 28: Two Schlongs and a Schlort

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Description: Four days in review, Catching up, Questions, Questions and Questions, also a Surprise.

Ep.28 Links:
+ Chupacabra -
+ Seattle Thunderbirds -

JourneyQuest Livestream for #Orctober #FutureHashtagUs #TwoBards #Awesome #ThisSoundsDouchey #INeedToTakeAShit

4:10. Scott’s weekend
+ Lou Reed -
+ Marcia Wallace -
+ After Earth (IMDB) -

Metric butt-load of questions #TwoBardsPodcast
7:30. Mike Ott. What is your favorite song from the 90s?
+ Jane Jensen; Comic Book Whore -
+ Tromeo and Juliet (IMDB) -
+ Hocus Pocus (IMDB):

10:03. Mike Ott. What was your favorite toy as a kid
Snake Mountain (web) -
Billy Dee Williams (IMDB):

11:45. Are you a Decepticon or an Autobot? Are you Imperial or a Rebel? Galactican or Cylon? G.I. Joe or Cobra? Chord, cord, coard, or corde?

+ Njoytoy:

15:30. Brian Lewis. Why don’t you interview some guests?
15:58. Shawn Shelton Interview
+ Shawn R. Shelton (IMDB):
+ Short Circuit (IMDB):
+ Kathy Najimy (IMDB):
+ Steve Guttenberg (IMDB):
+ Crazy People (IMDB):
+ Bandersnatch Studios (web):


+ 21 and over (IMDB):
+ Skydrive Commercial “Robot” (YouTube):
+ Rocketmen (FB):
+ Gerard Parr (IMDB):
+ Damon Vanhee (IMDB):
+ Docu-drama for TLC, Escaping the Prophet:
+ Pearl Jam (web):
+ And At (FB):

36:30 Erin Weathers Interview
+ Erin Weathers (IMDB):
+ AT&T | SIC Mobile App Hackathon (Wearables):
Shout outs to: Adam Smith-Kipnis, Phillip Kast, Daniel Herrera and Vaibhav Vaidya.
+ Al Jazerra (web):
+ Ladybugs (IMDB):

53:18. Brian Lewis. Do you remember the last time you weren't hooked in, or plugged in, or watching/listening/playing/working/eating/driving/ acting etc.? Just NOT distracted with a device or task and alone with your thoughts? (If not the "last time," then a memorable time)

+ Tide Stain Commercial (YouTube):

59:24 Brian Lewis. If money or time was not an issue, what would you cosplay as?

+ Verizon Commercial (YouTube):
+ Brian Lewis (FB):
+ Sailor Moon Transformations (YouTube):
+ Mask (IMDB):
+ Gleaming the Cube (IMDB):
+ Don Ameche (IMDB):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 27: A Short Story That Equals 9

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Description: Lack of Questions, Weeks In Review, No Questions, Need MORE Questions! #TwoBardsPodcast

Ep.27 Links:
02:52 An apology to Kayla Bunch

+ Extended National Anthem Video
+ Origin; To Anacreon:

07:35 What have we been doing?

+ The Gamers: Hands of Fate, ep 6:

+ Mooo (kickstarter) -

Thanks – Brad Roberts, Trampas Johnson, Steve Harshfield, Douggie Sharp, Lee Garvin, Than Beviak, Amanda Newmainville

+ GeekGirlCon –
+ Geocashing -
+ Bavarian Bar on California – Andy to link

24:36 – Andy has something to talk about
+ AngryVideoGameNerd:
+ Alien: Resurrection (1997):
+ Waterworld (IMDB):
+ Joss Whedon (IMDB):
+ Princess Bride (IMDB):

34:44. A Question!
Mike Ott. Is it worth upgrading to Win 8.1?

36:27 Andy’s selling an iPad

38:14 Scott’s selling a car

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

39:30 Preview of Episode 42 - Jackie Robinson: The Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything

+ Clerks 37 Dicks (YouTube):

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 26: Ocho - The Government Shutdown

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Show Description: Week in review, Shutdowns, Who knows what we talked about, Lots of tangents this week, and Questions.

Ep.26 Links:
How I Met Your Mother (IMDB):
Glitter (s6e9 ):

09:08 Live in Italy? Scott has a request!

11:10 – Scott’s Fun Fall Activity
Shout outs – Kayla Bunch, Chris Piazzo, Moritz Shubert, Thomas Brophy

17:37 – Andy’s Fun Fall Activities

Kat Ogden (IMBD):
Arthur Reynolds (IMDB):

Madness (band):

Jessie Lee Keeter (vine):

30:46 – Scott shot on a short last week

34:18 – Andy’s teasers his Roleplay Roulette interview
7 Realms Productions (FB):

35:55 – Schubert’s Corner

41:25 – Twitter from Lotta Djerf on the Magnet Pen

42:30, Thomas Brophy. If you were both being introduced at an event what one project would u want the MC to say u r known for?

48:23. Chris Piazzo. Did you get to do the background vocal for the Legacy song on the soundtrack?
Gamers 3 Soundtrack

51:20. Chris Piazzo. What do you think of the Repear kickstarter round 2? It clearly looks like they are just using it as a pre-order tool. Do you feel that's what kickstarter is about?

58:25. Paula Moran. Since I'm going to Disney World for the Halloween celebration, is there anything you would like me to do in your honor? Also, what are your favorite Disney movies and rides?

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (wiki):