Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 25: The Richard Sherman Pick 6

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Description: Week in review, Questions, Merkins, Shakespeare, Kindness vs. Niceness

Ep.25 Links:
+ Richard Sherman -
+ Marshawn Lynch -
+ Seahawks vs. Texans -

4:55. What we’ve been up to
+ The Architect (IMDB).
+ Parker Posey (IMDB).
+ Josie and the Pussycats (IMDB).
+ And At:
+ Carrie the Musical (October 11-26).
+ Google Glass (YouTube Demo Video):
+ Clatter & Din:
+ Happy Birthday Tyler J. Hill:
+ Espionage Costmetics:
+ Lunch (IMDB): IMDB:
+ Grimm (IMDB).

27:20 Trampas Johnson. What are your thoughts on the interchangeability of nice and kind?

+ Mont Blanc -
+ POLAR PEN (Kickstarter):
+ The Ice Baller (Kickstarter):
+ Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold:

31:45 Fox Winter. What is your favorite speech from Shakespeare’s plays?

35:25 Fox Winter. What are some of the other things you said to make Brian Lewis uncomfortable in Hands of Fate?

36:36 Fox Winter. What is a merkin?

38:35 Mike Ott. How do you feel about Vine as a distribution outlet?

+ My Puddin’:

40:35. Moritz Schubert. Why is Leo such a munchkin in Gamers2 and a story player in Gamers3?
Munchkin (n.) Synonym for powergamer. Used most often derogatively.

48:20 Douglas Michel. How are the sales of Frakkin Epic? And what of hard-cover distribution?

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50:10. What we’re watching

+ Derek (IMDB).
+ Orange is the New Black (IMDB).
+ The West Wing (IMDB).
+ Breaking Bad (IMDB).
+ Don Jon (IMDB).
+ Elysium (IMDB).
+ Metallica: Through the Never (IMDB):
+ JGL, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle (YouTube):
+ Star Trek into Darkness (IMDB).
+ TOS Star Trek morphed with new cast.
+ James Doohan clip (on a suicidal fan), from Trekkies:
+ Trekkies (IMDB):
+ The Most Interesting Man in the World on Star Trek:
+ Gatsby (IMDB):
+ 42 (IMDB):
+ Alan Tudyk (IMDB):
+ Alan Tudyk as King Candy* (YouTube):
*Use earbuds and take out the right ear. The clip has some annoying music playing in the right ear. ☹

+ Elias Koteas (IMDB):

+ Peak Munn (AKA The Inevitable Backlash of Internet Popularity):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (wiki):
+ American Museum of Natural History:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 24: The Lost Boys

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Description: Week in review, Questions, Dress Etiquette, Behind Two Bards (A new segment), Bad Science

Ep.24 Links:
+ 24 (IMDB)
+ Kiefer Sutherland (IMDB):
+ Lost Boys (IMDB):
+ Office Space (IMDB):
+ Stephen Root (IMDB):
+ “Sew, a needle pulling thread” (YouTube):
+ Helpful song for learning the alphabet backwards (TMBG):
+ Thorn -

03:23. Getting back into the grind.
+ Linux:
+ Amazon Web Services:
+ Ubuntu:
+ George Bush (Wikipedia):
+ YUM (Wikipedia):,_Modified
+ Elias Koteus (IMDB):
+ Fallen (IMDB):
+ Mick Jagger (Wikipedia):
+ Bowie-Jagger:
+ Marianne Faithfull (Wikipedia):

13:24. DSL

15:58. Scott’s week
+ Sons of Anarchy (IMDB):
+ Kim Coates (IMDB):
+ The Society for Creative Anachronism:

19:40. The Case Number
+ Lane Bryant:
+ (C)Ross Dress for Less:
+ The Teaser Link:
+ Obadiah Stane (IMDB):
+ Jeff Bridges (IMDB):

31:54. Glass Cannons Bible
Mentionables: Sarah Moore, Brian Lewis, Luke Amundson.

33:54. Chris Piazzo. If the two of you had to sneak into a nazi camp in a two man cow costume, who would be in the front and who would be in back.
NOT LINKING Scott getting milked.

35:14. Thomas Brophy. If you had a time machine and went back to WS (William Shakespeare) time. What play of the Bard would you want to perform that he Dir?

+ Shakespeare: Original Pronunciation.
+ Shakespeare documentary (not sure which one Scott was taking about):
+ The Taming of the Shrew (trailerpark edition):
+ Merkin (Wikipedia):
+ Bo Derek (IMDB):
Bo Derek song? (found a few but none with those lyrics)

43:36. Moritz Schubert. Now that Gamers 3 is out you can talk about the production of that movie.
+ Gamers 3 (Episode 1):
+ Flogging Molly:
+ Linda Lovelace (Wikipedia):
+ Marilyn Chambers (Wikipedia):

Happy Birthday Lord Bender Bendington!
Name Dropping: Mike Ott, Sarah Moore

+ Lynda Carter (IMDB):
+ Kingdom Come Superman (Wikipedia):
+ Book of Deuteronomy (Wikipedia):
+ Book of Leviticus (Wikipedia):

56:27. Scott’s call sheet
+ Duvall, WA -
Saturday Cider (I couldn’t find a link) – Minea Farm maybe?
+ World’s Loudest Stadium:
+ Tecmo Bowl (Wikipedia):

1:04:05. The Darker Path (Facebook):
+ Hoosiers (IMDB):
+ Gene Hackman (IMDB):
+ Dennis Hopper (IMDB):
+ Dennis Farina (IMDB):
+ Slauson Cutoff (YouTube):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Johnny Carson (IMDB):
+ Weird Science (IMDB):
+ Boise International:
+ centripetal force (Wikipedia):
+ centrifugal force (Wikipedia):

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 23: Slippery Slope

Audio Link:

Description: Week in review, Tattoos, What does the fox say, Penny Arcade controversy, censorship

Ep.23 Links:
+ The Gamers 3 Reference: (watch now! link dies on 9/14)

+ Padington’s Pizza (Salem, OR):
+ Pietro’s Pizza (Salem, OR):

5:43 – Andy’s Day was interesting
+ Amazon –
+ Galaga –
Name drops: Keeter, Conner, Trin and I

Andy DP’ed a short film [Lunch] for
+ Moon Bullet Studios:
Name drops: Brian Lewis, Wonder Russell, Lisa Coronado, Todd Downing, Landon Salyer

Scott will be working on the Darker Path
+ The Darker Path:
Name Drops: Caerley Hill, Gore sisters, Jason “I can never remember his last name” Soundguy, Andrew Marnik

9:50 Why Scott fell off of Facebook
Scott name drops: Lotta Djerf, Tony Becerra, Cornelia Moore, Billy Zane, and Carol Roscoe
+ Billy Zane:
+ Like a Surgeon:

18:11 Chris Piazzo. Andy - Is there a story behind your scorpion tattoo by your ear?
Andy told the story previously on:
+ Clinically Inane:
+ Red vs. Blue Bad Tattoo PSA:

23:44 Chris Piazzo. Scott - Any tattoos and what is the story behind them?

+ Elvish in Tengwar alphabet:
+ Madame Lazonga’s Tattoo:
+ Ink-N-Iron Festival:
+ Suzanne Shepherd at Primeval Ink Tattoo:

36:04 Gordon Duke (via twitter) and Seth Davis (via facebook). What does the Fox say?

+ TheRubberBandits:

40:02 Thomas Brophy. After your recent PAX experience. Care to weigh in on the dickwolves revived controversy?

+ PAX:
+ Original comic:
+ An article from Wired:

censorship (n.) - the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc., and suppressing unacceptable parts.

coercion (n.) - the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

+ Child’s Play Charity:
+ Plants vs. Zombies:
+ Rodney King:
+ The number 23 -
+ Airship Daedalus (ep.1) -
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 22: The Pros & Cons of Pros @ Cons

Audio Link:

Description: Caulk, Cons, News, end of the 21 hangover

Ep.22 Links:
 + SpoCon2013

+ Tim Martin

+ WorldCon2015: Sasquan

+ World’s Fair’74

+ Ignatius Pendergast

+ Beat your kids with a bag of oranges reference (needs a steady cam )

+ Cloves in Oranges aka Pomander

+ Know your single malt scotch whiskey regions

+ GenCon2013

+Gamers 3: Hands of Fate (Free streaming through Sept.14)

Shared a row of booths with
+Aidan 5:
+Hostile Work Environment:
+Devil Walks in Salem (kickstarter):

+Ring Spinners by CritSuccess

+Warriors come out to play:

+Rae Dawn Chong

+Nicolas Cage

+Square Reader

+Dungeon Bastard

+Paige Barnett:
+Tom Lommel:
+Cindi Rice:
+Ben (???) who is working on Coast Guard Cape Disappointment:

+The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl
With: Mike Ott, Lesley Sedlak, Kevin Mickelson, Amanda Mickelson and of course
+Bill Cavalier:

25:46 PAX 2013

32:08 Brandon Sanderson

34:04 Final hours for Espionage Cosmetic’s “NAILED IT!”

Girl Genius Webcomic
+ FB:

Rob Paulsen
+ FB:

mono•syl•lab•ic (mono-syl-LAB-ic)
Click the speaker to hear it pronounced

“em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LA-ble”
View from the Top (2003)

Send questions
+ or
with the tag #twobardspodcast

40:00 Upcoming Projects
Andy starts at

Scott in an Ivers commercial, NFL Ticket Exchange
A billboard in Spokane, busses in Seattle (Lifewise flyfishing)

Scott to Easter Egg on West of Redemption
w/Cornelia Moore, Tony Becerra, Kat Ogden

Scott was cast in The Darker Path
w/writer Nathan Hendrickson

Andy to DP on Todd Downing’s short Lunch
Todd Downing

Neil deGrasse Tyson