Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 33: Whole Lotta Lotta

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Description: Week in review, Thanksgiving, Rants, Raves, Washers, Dryers, Stories, Longest Episode To Date, Questions. Whew! This is a big one! (That's what she said!)

Ep.33 Links:
+ Elf (IMDB):
+ Love Actually (IMDB):
+ Moose Knuckles (UD):
+ Red 2 (IMDB):

08:33. Andy’s Week
+ Freegan (UrbanDictionary):
+ Clamshell Packaging (web):
+ Wormwood (WebMD):
+ Photoelectric Effect (wiki):
+ Of witches and broomsticks (web):
+ Sex and the City (IMDB):
+ Kim Cattrall (IMDB):
+ Brian Lewis (IMDB):
+ Etsy Ewok Costume (Etsy):

36:06. Scott’s Week
+ Date Night (IMDB):
+ That Guy… Who Was in That Thing (IMDB):
+ Confessions of a Superhero (IMDB):

43:24. Rude Mechanical Live
+ Rude Mechanical Live Test (Nov 12, 2013):
+ Black Sheep (IMDB):
+ Tommy Boy (IMDB):
+ Almost Heroes (IMDB):

52:00. XCX – Xmas Carol Experiment
+ FB:
+ Tickets:
+ Theater Off Jackson (FB):

1:01:00. Thomas Brophy. Any updates on Glass Cannons?

1:02:25. Lotta Djerf. Star Trek the Star Trek the series. Best one? Should there be a new?
+ Karl Urban (IMDB):
+ Star Trek: Phoenix (web):

1:09:41. Lotta Djerf. Best actor ever vs worst? Only one of each.
+ Uwe Boll (IMDB):
+ Robert De Niro (IMDB):
+ Bryan Cranston (IMDB):
+ M. Night Shyamalan (IMDB):

1:15:38. Lotta Djerf. Watched a foreign language movie with subtitle? Like or hate? Remake of foreign language movie does not count!
+ Night Watch (IMDB):

1:24:06. Paula Moran. What is your opinion of Black Friday (the retail event)?
+ Black Friday (wiki):
+ Lemmings (wiki):

1:28:46. Mike Ott. Why Scott and Andy?
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio: