Monday, December 29, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 79: Another Rear in the Yearview

Audio Link:
Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Rants/Raves, Questions and Answers.

Aaron Rodgers and Hans & Franz, State Farm Commercial (Youtube)

Camp Abercorn
Web (Gray Oak Productions)
"Here At Camp Abercorn" (youtube)

4 Things to Know About (Legal) Cuban Cigars (Time)

McCarthyism (wiki)

Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis (MedlinePlus)

15:38. Andy puts himself in front of some terrible movies
Anchorman 2 (IMDB)
The Interview (IMDB)
Pineapple Express (IMDB)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (IMDB)

30:25 Andy's new phone
Oneplus (web)


44:42. Q. Rob MacLennan. If you're making a video yourself do you have a preference of the sort of camera gear you use; Professional, small hand held, DSLR....?

Cracked Pocket Festival -- Entry 01, Entry 02 (YouTube)
Nokia Lumia 920 (Amazon)
Black Magic Cinema Camera (Black Magic Design)
Canon EOS T2i (Amazon)
This is the End (IMDB)

53:06. Q. Paula Moran. What is your favorite thing to do after having a bad day?

57:11. Q. Rob MacLennan. Now that I've got some time off from work I'm going back through the earlier 'casts that I missed, so I'm wondering; "Glass Cannons"? Sounded very interesting.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains His Controversial Isaac Newton Christmas Tweet (Mediaite)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio
+ Cosmos (IMDB) -- on Netflix!

Monday, December 22, 2014

My 2014 Year in Review

No matter where you go, there you are.

What follows are the events and actions that highlighted my year. I'm posting them here to serve as a record for me to revisit and recall.

+ Dec 31. Respond to Tim Keaty’s FB post re: forming a mastermind group.

+ Jan 08. Attended our first Alliance mastermind session.
- Jan 15. Leeloo sufferex dime sized puncture to her side requiring a visit to the vet.
- Jan 20. Received notification that I failed (for the second time) my CAE certification exam. This time by one question.

+ Feb 01. Launched Two Bards T-Shirt Pre-Purchase Campaign.
+ Feb 07. Backed AMP: Year One, A Modern Supers RPG from Third Eye Games via Kickstarter (Because it’s an Eloy Lasanta project).
+ Feb 13. Backed Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary via Kickstarter (Because it’s a Graham Elwood project).
+ Feb 22. Hosted FP’s 6th birthday party at Tropicana Lanes.
+ Feb 23 - Mar 01. Hosted Vendoni.

+ Mar 09. Enjoyed brunch w/Barry and Hilde.
+ Mar 28. Read to FP’s kindergarten class.
+ Mar 29. Father/Daughter dance.
+ Mar 30. Saw Johnette Napolitano at the Duck Room w/Kathy (Jimmy Griffin, a local artist who works at the guitar shop up the street from us opened for her).

+ Apr 01. Backed the Demon Hunters Comic via Patreon (because it’s a Dead Gentlemen project)
+ Apr 11. Read to FP’s kindergarten class.
+ Apr 12. Ben Folds w/STL Symphony w/Felicia Foland
+ Apr 13. Saw the Cards beat the Cubs (6-4) at Busch III w/Oma
+ Apr 16. DigbyDavis, LLC was officially incorporated.
+ Apr 16-20. Hosted Matt Vancil for Kinematifest 7.
+/- Apr 25. Had a pilar cyst removed from the back of my skull (+ it's gone, - it was there).

+/- May 9-11. Attended TrekCon Springfield with my brother and his wife (cut short because FP got sick)
+ May 14. Backed East Texas University – Savage Worlds via Kickstarter (Because it’s a Clint Black project)
+/- May 17. Attended the Archon38 planning meeting (Intended to learn the ropes, instead got insight on what not to do)
+ May 22. FP’s Kindergarten graduation.
+ May 28. Backed Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere! Via Kickstarter (because it’s LeVar F-ing Burton)
+/- May 29. New roof! (and a new loan!)
- May 30. Received notification that WashU would not be renewing the GS agreement and that GS will need to relocate on/before June 30, 2015.

+ Jun 01. Backed Spinward Traveller (T.V. Pilot) via Kickstarter (because it’s a Brian Lewis project)
+ Jun 06-14. Attended Goldschmidt2014 in Sacramento, CA
+ Jun 14-18. Vacationed in San Diego and Los Angeles w/Janet and Carly. Watched World Cup action, spent an afternoon with my Uncle Jeff (first time we’d met in 18+ years), visited Nerdmelt in LA, had dinner with Kathy's uncle, Brian, saw the premiere of the Harmontown Documentary, and went to Legoland.
+ Jun 23-26. Hosted my cousin Daniel and his family

+ Jul 16-20. Attended WongCon 2014 in Denver (AKA Hunting Trip for Geeks) with Eric, Dave, Sam and Justin
+/- Jul 31 My birthday.

+ Aug 03. Backed House Rulez: the Dead Gentlemen Skewer Reality TV via Kickstarter (because it’s Dead Gentlemen)
+ Aug 10 Backed Official ElfQuest Adventure Game via Kickstarter (because it’s endorsed by Wendy and Richard Pini)
+/- Aug 14  FP and Kathy attended a wedding (FP face-planted into concrete)
- Aug 18 School pictures, round 1 (poor thing)

+ Sep 05. Backed Fish Cook: Digital Edition via Kickstarter (because Jen Page told me to :) )
+ Sep 10-12. Flew to Sarasota, FL for GS financial management meeting
+ Sep 16. Backed Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors via Kickstarter (yet another Dead Gentlemen project)
+ Sep 26. Backed The Last Parsec – Savage Wolrds via Kickstarter (yet another Clint Black project)

+ Oct 07. Launched Gamer Chick Show Pre-Purchase Campaign
+ Oct 14. Switched to Charter internet (because AT&T internet sucked)
+ Oct 15. Kathy’s birthday
+ Oct 17. Attended Rich’s retirement party (Rich was the admin head in the department where I worked, and smoothed out a lot of rough situations)
+ Oct 18-23. Attended GSA in Vancouver, BC (might be +/- because I missed a Critical Hits Live show by just a few days)

+ Nov 01. 11th Wedding Anniversary (it's one more iddn't it)
+ Nov 11. Backed Passion Planner: The One Place for All Your Thoughts via Kickstarter (because it was only a buck for the PDF, and it looked interesting)
+/- Nov 18. Submitted letter of resignation from the Geochemical Society (effective Jun 30, 2015)
+ Nov 20-22. Attended ZOECon2014 in Seattle, WA. Reconnected with old friends, connected with people IRL whom I'd only 'known' via Facebook, and met several more new faces. Played trivia with many of the Standard Action crew, Loved the JQ season 3 script reading, and was invited as a guest on Tim's Surfing Aliens Podcast.

+ Dec 06. Hosted FP’s teacher home visit (Wolf, J, Caughlin)
+ Dec 09. Backed Seattle Web Fest via Kickstarter (because it was a Darlene Sellers project, and it will be awesome)
+ Dec 13. Kathy and FP went to a B-Day party which featured members of the 501st.
+ Dec 14-19. Attended Fall AGU in San Francisco (likely my last conference as an exhibitor for the Geochemical Society)
+ Dec 20. Guest w/Sarah Moore on Tim Keaty’s Surfing Aliens Podcast (recorded at ZOECon).

Creative Projects
  • Logged Bardic Knowledge for 41 episodes of the Two Bards Podcast at
  • Submitted episode cover images (thumbnails) for the first three episodes of Standard Action season 3 – all three episodes used one of my submissions.
  • Created promotional FB cover page for ZOECon2014.
  • Conducted an Independent Media Production Survey
  • Submitted two #PhotoshopWilWheaton projects via @geoseth73: Mr. WheatonHead (1 retweet; 4 favorite) and Wil’s got 99 troubles but Quadrotriticale ain’t one (120 retweets – including Wil; 364 favorites)
  • Created two DIY magic cards mashing up Jen Page and Katy Perry’s Dark Horse
  • Revisited the JibJab video of the JourneyQuest BEEFCAKE slowing it down to match the orcish warchant (thanks to Fox Winter for suggesting it)
  • Created a snow Olaf w/FP. 
Books read/listened 
(very incomplete list, I'll keep better records next year)
  • Pwned written by Matt Vancil
  • The Champion written by Scott Sigler
  • Infected written by Scott Sigler
  • The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories written by R. Salvatore (audiobook)
  • Ptar the Donkey written by E. Tyler Lindvall
  • Priority Management (time management text)
  • Bird by Bird written by Anne Lamott (audiobook)
  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (audiobook)
  • The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (audiobook)
Podcasts listened
(not every episode, but ones I've been taking in when I can)
  • Dead.FM
  • Clinically Inane
  • Limited Release
  • Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast
  • Scott Sigler Audiobooks
  • StartUp Podcast
  • Two Bards, One Mic
  • The Smart Passive Income Podcast
  • Surfing Aliens
  • Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
  • The Nerdist Podcast
  • The Casting Pod
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour
  • You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Wow, if you made it this far -- thanks for reading :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 77: Interstellar Majiks

Audio Link:
Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Questions and Answers.

Andy's Week
+ Big Hero 6 (IMDB)

12:00 Scott's week
Finished Evan and Bobbi: a twisted Christmas Carol
+ STAGEright Theatre: Web | Facebook
+ Cinesaurus (web)
+ Torchlight II (web)

16:00 Two Bards skit on Dead.FM
+ Episode 3 (starting at 2:10)
+ Dead.FM
+ Dead Gentlemen Productions (Web | Facebook | Twitter)

18:48. Q. Dennis Nichol. Hey Scott. Are *YOU* the 12th Man?

21:20 Q. Rob MacLennan. What novel, graphic novel, or comic property would yo like to see get a movie deal? Which one would you most like to be a part of?
+ Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (Amazon)
+ Good Omens (Amazon)
+ The Badger (Amazon)
+ Bone (Amazon)
+ Superman: Red Son (Amazon)
+ Superman Speeding Bullets (Amazon)
+ Batman: In Darkest Knight (Amazon)
+ Swamp Thing (Amazon)
+ The Books of Magic (Amazon)
+ Daughter of Regals (Amazon)
+ Clive Cussler (wiki)

29:58. Q. Paula Moran. Would you guys consider hosting a voice/acting class at GenCon and what kind of exercises would you run?
+ Voice Jammer App (Google Play)
+ Speech Jammer App (iTunes)

38:11 Q. Justin Everett. What's your preferred way to occupy yourself on those sleepless nights? reading? Netflix marathon? crocheting? etc...

41:45 Q. Dennis Nichol. There only 360(ish) shopping days until Xmas 2015!! Whatever are the Two Bards going to do!?!!?!?
+ Great Chinese Famine (wiki)

44:00 Q. Rob MacLennan. If you have a favourite genre, what is it? Do you have different favourites based on the media used to present them?
+ Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit (Amazon)
+ Instinct (IMDB)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio
+ Cosmos (IMDB) -- on Netflix!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 76: Reboot To The Head

Audio Link:

Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Weeks in Review, Evan & Bobbi, Questions and Answers.

The Star-Spangled Banner (Wiki | YouTube)

Evan and Bobbi: a twisted Christmas Carol
December 4-13, 2014
+ Tickets
+ STAGEright Theatre: Web | Facebook
"It's the feel bad play of the season. It's emotive...and isn't that the point of art? But damn. I need a shower."
-- A. Dopieralski
+ Dead.FM
+ Dead Gentlemen Productions (Web | Facebook | Twitter)

09:00. Q. Paula Moran. Is Dead.FM going to replace Two Bards? (hope not)

12:02. Q. Rob MacLennan. Do either of you do anything crafty? By that I mean basket weaving crafty, not Lex Luthor plotting to take over the world crafty. (For example I make costume grade chainmail, functional archery bows out of PVC pipe, and I'm slowly getting into leather working.)

+ Nick Offerman Hand-carved wood emoji (Boing Boing)
+ The gunfighter (voice by Nick Offerman) (YouTube)

21:23. Q. Paula Moran. What is your favorite reliving youthful fun activity (ie. reading your old kids books or playing with LEGOS, etc)?
+ Gargoyles (YouTube)

32:33. Q. Rob MacLennan. Any opinions on the Star Wars episode 7 trailer?
+ Star Wars VII Teaser (YouTube)
+ John Boyega (IMDB)
+ Teaser -- George Lucas' Special Edition (YouTube)

38:18. Q. Dennis Nichol. Since remakes are such a big thing these days, what remake would the Two Bards prefer to do if you had the opportunity and resources to "do it right"?
+ The Lawnmower Man (IMDB)

40:42. Q. Rob MacLennan. Johnny Mnemonic, more true to the short story?
+ Johnny Mnemonic (IMDB)
+ Snow Crash (Amazon)
+ Ready Player One (Amazon)
+ Howard the Duck (IMDB)

43:50. Q. Justin Everett. What movie or TV show do you love even though it would normally cause you to nerd rage at the scientific or logical fallacies in it?
+ Manimal (IMDB)
+ Misfits of Science (IMDB)
+ Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (IMDB)
+ Godzilla [2014] (IMDB)
+ Japan is finally making a new Godzilla movie (Kotaku)
+ Dredd (IMDB)

52:08 Q. Ben Clemence. How do you feel about the level of proliferation for computer animation in today's cinema?

+ David Warner (IMDB)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio
+ Cosmos (IMDB) -- on Netflix!