Monday, February 24, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 43: The Witching Hour (and then some)


Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Back from RadCon, Flappy Birds, Guardians, Questions, In Depth Discussion, NWNerdcast, and Witches


Shout out to Laura Adams.

This week:
+ The Lego Movie (IMDB)
+ True Detective (IMDB)
+ James Gunn (IMDB)
+ Lynda Carter (IMDB)
+ Shia LaBeouf (IMDB)
+ Transcendence (IMDB)
+ Houseof Cards (IMDB)
+ Andy on Twitter! @occamsmonkey

Q. Brian Lewis. If you self-proclaim that your show's content is fueled by the listeners' questions, why do you shit on the questions that people provide for you so much?
+ Lonely Island (web)
+ NW Nerdcast (Web)
+ NW Nerdcast (Facebook)

Q. Chris Piazzo. What is your apocalypse of choice and why?
+ The Quiet Earth (IMDB)
+ The Stand (IMDB)
+ Bill Fagerbakke (IMDB)

Q. Paula Moran.  When preparing for a role as an actor, do you do a lot of research, or do you wing it?

Q. Brian Lewis. Andy had some opinions about how the LBGT community is represented in media. Do you have some ideas on how they could be represented better? Are there examples of how people have been represented poorly?
+ Lost Girl (IMDB)

Thank you to everyone who ordered the Two Bards t-shirts!
+ Still one black L and one black XL available:
+ Happy Ragnarok (news)

Q. Brain Lewis. Is there a mistake you made somewhere in life that you use as a great lesson to become a better person?
+ Rule of thumb (wiki)

Q. Tiffani Pike. Which Golden Girl do you relate to most?

Q. Laura Adams. What is the first question you will ask NdGT?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 42 RadCon 6B LIVE!!

Audio Link:

Recorded Live at RadCon, listen at your own risk, it’s kind of a train wreck, but we posted it anyway. You have been warned…

Intro music by Randall Marsh

+ RadCon (web)
+ David the Gnome (YouTube)
+ Scott’s kidney stone photo (Facebook)

Q. Gordon Duke. How will the Two Bards celebrate if Neil deGrasse Tyson does bukkake your podcast?

Q. Mike from NW Nerdcast. Who after NdGT?
NW Nerdcast (Web)
NW Nerdcast (Facebook)

Q. Ron from NW Nerdcast. How do you deal with hecklers?

Q. Can you tell us about your new-found menu?

Q. Are you actual bards?
+ Farce and Violence (YouTube)

Q. Why and when did you start this?

Q. How many different guests have you had on your podcast?

Q. What are your projects coming up?
+ Lunch (Moon Bullet Studios, Facebook)
+ Glass Cannons (Youtube Trailer)
+ Ignatius Pendergrass (Facebook)

Q. Thoughts on triceratops not being a dinosaur anymore?
+ Fromage à Trois (YouTube)

Q. What would it take to make a show unusable?

Q. Are you stealing more ideas for future podcasts?

Q. Marvel or DC?

Q. How do you feel about Darkhorse having it’s Star Wars license pulled?
+ Love at First Bite (IMDB)
+ George Hamilton (IMDB)

Q. Have you seen Vampire’s Kiss?
+ Vampire’s Kiss (IMDB)
+ Terminator 2 (IMDB)
+ Lord of the Rings (IMDB)
+ Nick Cage (IMDB)

Q. Have you watched an American movie in a different language?
+ Pirates of the Caribbean (IMDB)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (web)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic - Episode 41: Untitled

Podcast Audio Link:

Description: Live VODcast, questions, questions, more questions, and Tiffani's questions!

Podcast intro music by Randall Marsh

+ Nantucket Comedy Festival (web)

+ Two Bards t-shirt pre-order
Preorder extended to Wednesday, February 19th!!

Shout outs: Seth Davis, Tony Becerra, Patrick Pilger, Tiffani Pike, The Casting Pod, Laura Adams, buzzzurk, and Thomas Brophy

Q. Are you guys musicians?

+ Jew’s harp (wiki)
+ Neil Pert (wiki)
+ Seattle Seahawks (web)
+ C W McCall – Convoy (YouTube)
+ Lauren Bacall (IMDB)

+ Super Bowl Parade (ESPN)
+ Vuvuzela (wiki)

+ Starman (IMDB)
+ The Jerk (IMDB)
+ Caddyshack (IMDB)

Patrick Pilger
Q. What are your thoughts on a Surface Pro?

+ Springbank Whiskey (web)

+ Seattle Vice Kickstarter
+ Seattle Vice (FB)

+ Crazy People (IMDB)

+ RadCon
Scott’s RadCon Schedule
Fri @ 2:00pm | Room 2201 | Web Development For Authors/Game Designers/Artists
Fri @ 3:15pm | Room 2201 | Ask the Gamemasters
Fri @ 7:00pm | Bronze Room | Opening Ceremonies
Sat @ 11:15am | Room 2201 | Women in Gaming
Sat @ 3:00pm | Room 2209 | Two Bards Live

Andy’s RadCon Schedule
Fri @ 2:00pm | Room 2207 | Producing Independent Films
Fri @ 8:30pm | Room 2207 | Podcasting 101
Sat @ 1:45pm | Room 2207 | Podcasting 102: The Next Step
Sat @ 3:00pm | Room 2209 | Two Bards Live

+ Mel Blanc (IMDB)
+ Jim Henson (IMDB)
+ Bob Uecker (IMDB)

+ Petition to Re-appoint James Keblas (web)

+ Don Jon (IMDB)

Tiffani Pike
Q. What is your parents' stance on circumcision?

+ Sea hawk (wiki)
+ Amazon shares slip (web)

Thomas Brophy
Q. What’s the first thing you are going to do once the Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

+ Quincy M.E. (IMDB)

Paula Moran.
Q. What are some of the best/worst con-costumes you’ve seen? Has anyone ever cosplayed as a character you have ever been?

Seth Davis
Q. What is your next con after RadCon?

+ Poona The Fuckdog and other plays for children (web)
+ Berserkon2014, June 6-8 (FB)

+ Fuck defined (cafepress)

Tiffani Pike
Q. Are you angry letter writers?
Q. When was the last time you write an emotional email?
Q. Are you comfortable handling confrontation face to face?
Q. When was the last time you had to handle a confrontation with a stranger or a work setting
Q. Have either of you been in a physical confrontation?

+ Ice-T reads Dungeons and Dragons audiobook (web)
+ Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (IMDB)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (web)
+ Bill Nye (web)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic - Episode 40: Lordy lordy looks whose 40!!

Podcast Audio Link:

Description: PSH, Super Bowl, Questions, First VODcast while podcasting, online questions, epic stories.

Podcast intro music by Randall Marsh

+ Philip Seymour Hoffman (IMDB)
+ Robert De Niro (IMDB)
+ Flawless (1999) (IMDB)

+ Super Bowl XLVIII (NFL)

+ Don Jon (IMDB)
+ Pirate Radio/The Boat that Rocked (IMDB)
+ The Family (IMDB)
+ Prisoners (IMDB)

+ Two Bards will be at RadCon (Pasco, WA | Feb 14-16)

Questions 30:14. Douglas Michel. Do you always stand when you podcast?

+ Boy Scout leaders in Goblin Valley (web)

33:40. Two Bards Shirts!
+ Preorder:

+ Galaxy Quest (IMDB)

39:00. Patrick Pilger. Any way to obtain a Bardic Immunity shirt?

42:26 Scott is rehearsing the part of Gooper for a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
+ Harlequin Productions, March 6-29

Shout outs.

44:55. Beau Prichard sent Scott a wonderful book
+ Fighting Chance (amazon)

45:37. Scott’s sister. Family Crest

47:00. More info regarding Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
+ Tennessee Williams (wiki)
+ Tennessee Tuxedo (wiki)
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (wiki)
+ Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woof? (wiki)
+ End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer (web)

54:50. Chris Piazzo. What are your picks for this season of King of the Nerds?
+ King of the Nerds (tbs)

56:45. Paula Moran. What is the most epic thing you’ve done on set and at a con?
+ The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (IMDB)
+ The Gamers: Hands of Fate (IMDB)

+ CPAP Machine (wiki)

1:12:00. Tiffani. Scott C. Brown, have you ever hit on a person dressed as George W. Bush?

1:14:06. Chris Piazzo. What are some of the most fun costumes you’ve worn?
+ Ghost Pirate LeChuck (wiki)

+ Nathan/Lodge’s Firefly Rant (YouTube)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (web)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Two Bards T-Shirt Pre-Order

Welcome Bardketeers!

White Logo on Black
Photoshopped Prototype
Update: Please take our survey!
This is where your feedback is critical. Even if you didn't order a shirt, if you are interested in participating in a future pre-order, please complete this short (6-question) survey. Answers will be collected through March 31st.

Want to know how this project went? Check out the Post-Mortem.


Your Link Master General has found a local (to me, in St. Louis), independent screen printing company that does quality work at a fair price. From now through Wednesday, February 19th (extended one week due to RadCon), I'm accepting pre-orders for Two Bards t-shirts! 

These shirts come in your choice of Black, 'Pebble Brown', or 'Steel Blue' and feature the Two Bards logo in white. T-shirts are unisex, short sleeved, 4.2 oz. 100% ringspun cotton jersey with shoulder to shoulder taping, coverstitched collar and hemmed sleeves (why yes, I did copy and paste that from the spec sheet).

Shirts are $18 for XS-XL, $21 for 2XL-4XL. See the Finished Measurements chart for measurements (in inches).

It's important to me that these t-shirts be better quality than those offered by expensive print on demand companies. It is also important to me that a portion of the funds from your purchase goes to the creative rather than the merchant. If we can get at least 24 shirts ordered, no less than 23% of the purchase prices goes directly to the creatives. Large orders decrease production costs, yielding a higher percentage for Scott and Andy.

Orders will ship on Monday, March 10th via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery will be 2-3 business days for most US destinations and 6-10 business days for most international destinations. Unfortunately, shipping does take a bite. I can ship up to two shirts at the same rate, so if you are ordering more than two, contact me for a shipping quote. Priority Mail for US destinations is $5.80, Canada is $20.55, and all other countries (sorry Lotta and Moritz) is $24.75.

An online survey will be sent to everyone who buys a shirt. If this works out, then we will do some tweaking (not twerking! we'll leave that to Dame Helen Mirren) based on your feedback and have more designs in the future.


White Logo on Black (left), Pebble Brown (center), Steel Blue (right)


Q. Is there a "fit" on the t-shirts? Regular vs skinny or roomy?
A. I'd say regular -- my recommendation is to take one of your shirts that fits you how you like, lay it out, measure its length and width, and then match that up with the Finished Measurements chart.

Q. Why aren't you offering a women's cut?
A. A men's/women's option was available, however, the men's sizes only went to 2XL -- too small for several listeners/buyers. FWIW, my wife prefers women's cut, but found this unisex a decent option. If there is enough interest we'll find a solution for the next run.

Q. Why is international shipping so much?
A. Priority Mail was the only way to get a single price and single delivery time for orders. For most countries there are cheaper methods, but they vary significantly in price and delivery times. If you are interested, send me an email with your proposed order (quantity, size, color) and your mailing address. I'll investigate options and send you a quote.