Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 35: Christmas Yet To Come

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Description: Weeks in Review, Stories, Questions, Last one of 2013 Folks!

Ep.35 Links:
+ Galaxy Quest (IMD):

1:00. Big week coming up
+ Dark Dungeons (web):
+ Dark Dungeons – Chick Tract (web):
+ Closing I-5 (web):
+ Rude Mechanical (FB):

4:58. Shout outs to Trampas Johnson, Chris Bovey, Seth, Tim Martin
+ The Room (IMDB):

6:32. Apology to Adam Boyd and/or Clancy
+ Bruchi’s:

10:12: Andy’s week
+ Contra (wiki)
+ Ryse (web):
+ Lego Marvel (web):

19:46: Rude Mechanical Live 102
+ American Horror Story (IMDB):
+ Glitch (web):
+ Buy the Glitch DVD! (Amazon):
+Padington’s Pizza:

Thank you to Nate for the Two Bards cover art

29:32. Paula Moran. What kind of character or creature makeup would you want to do?
+ Doug Jones (IMDB):
+ Practical Orc (blog):

35:05. Chris Piazzo. How do you decide what makes it into the extras of a DVD?

40:03. Tom Brophy. Can you both share some of your favorite Peter O’Toole films?
Peter O’Toole (IMDB):
High Spirits (IMDB):
King Ralph (IMDB):
Caligula (IMDB):
Man of La Mancha (IMDB):
Venus (IMDB):

44:52. Lotta Djerf. What will be the movie that you just have to watch during the Christmas holidays.
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+ Rankin/Bass Productions (wiki):
+ Heat Miser Song (YouTube):
+ A Christmas Story (IMDB):
+ Elf (IMDB):
+ Die Hard (IMDB):
+ Gremlins (IMDB):
+ The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (IMDB):
+ Christmas Vacation (IMDB):

+ The Affluenza Defense:

+ Funny Farm (IMDB):
+ The Ref (IMDB):
+ Mixed Nuts (IMDB):

+ Matthew Groening (wiki):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
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