Friday, January 31, 2014

Warrag! Orkulz Aggax

JourneyQuest Orcs Chippendale BEEFCAKE.

With apologies to Matt Vancil, Jesse Lee Keeter, Kevin Inouye, Luke Amundson, Jeremy Spray, and Steven Wolbrecht.
Thanks to Fox Winter for coming up with the idea of replacing the original audio with the warchant.

Warrag! Orkulz Aggax
Orcish Lyrics

Kekart helaz ek haedart duwudz.
Trogdart huadz ek iuluz malifuluz.
Possagas nubudz shagga, net praolop arwabdjagas nubudz.
Orkulz aggax! Nodar heszax lordhul aka!
Orkulz aggax! Huarit ur drado bawaes!
Batmam nodar bennathesad aka.
Katakaen gadz wuaraggek.

English Translation

 Slaughter the Elf, skin the Dwarf.
Burn the Human and his cities.
You may slay us, but you will never break us.
We are Orcs! Our blood is fire!
We are Orcs! Hide behind your walls!
Justice is our spear-sister.
We will not be enslaved again.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 39: The Miller/Moore Hypothesis

Audio Link:

Description: Scattering and Smattering of information, Joined by Sarah Moore (Gamer Chick) and Trin Miller (Actor Chick), Questions and Answers for the entire group from various sources, mostly Jeremy Spray. Who doesn’t listen to this podcast. Harumph!

Intro music by Randall Marsh

Studio Guests:
Sarah Moore: IMDB | FB | Twitter 
Trin Miller: IMDB | Twitter
+ Gamer Chick Show (YouTube)
+ Alan Smithee (wiki) 

24:25. The Gaming Gals w/Katie Swindler

+ defenestration (wiki)
+ Dorkness Rising (YouTube)
+ Eastbound & Down (IMDB)

48:00 Trin's Thibbit Ringtone (.m4r | .mp3) for listener #58 
(updated on Jan 31, now louder :) )

1:00:30. Jeremy Spray. You play an awesome looking game on Gamer Chick (GC), what is the game you play?

1:04:25. Jeremy Spray. Do you cosplay? Who would you want to?

1:06:02. Jeremy Spray. What is your favorite card combo in Cards Against Humanity?

1:07:00. Jeremy Spray. Who is your geekiest influence?

+ William Katt (IMDB)

1:08:37. Jeremy Spray. What muse to you look to or turn to when you lose confidence?

1:09:59. Jeremy Spray. What is your favorite YouTube channel?

+ Vsauce (YouTube)
+ Table Top (YouTube)
+ My Drunk Kitchen (YouTube)

1:12:03. Katy Spray. When is the table flipping?

1:13:00. Lesley Sedlak. Do you have any upcoming projects?

1:18:16. Paula Moran. Are you guys doing a live podcast at GenCon this year?

+ RadCon, Feb 14-16 (web)

1:19:21. Chris Piazzo. Will all the 80s movies that are being remade, is there a movie that hasn’t been made yet that you’d like to see remade?

+ BMX Bandits (IMDB)
+ E.T. (IMDB)
+ Splash (IMDB)
+ Gotcha (IMDB)

1:22:38. Rival Guy. Is The Mist worth watching again in black and white?
+ The Mist (IMDB)

1:24:23. Thomas Brophy. If given a chance to produce an all new award show, what would it be and why?

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Facebook)
+ Shia LaBeouf (IMDB)

1:27:00. Final Thoughts.

+ Tug Inn (web)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 38: Borborygmi

Description: Movies, Pics, Music, Questions, Answers

Intro music by Randall Marsh

+ Ant-Man (IMDB)

+ Wreck-It Ralph (IMDB) 

+ Jane Lynch (IMDB)

+ Best in Show (IMDB)

+ A Mighty Wind (IMDB)

+ Parker Posey (IMDB)

+ Jackie-O Pascal in The House of Yes (IMDB)

+ Pitch Perfect (IMDB)

+ Angela Lansbury (IMDB)

+ Carrie Fisher (IMDB)

+ Jennifer Grey (IMDB)

+ Joel Grey (IMDB)

+ Drew Struzan (IMDB)

+ The Mist (IMDB)

+ Thomas Jane (IMDB)

+ Nathan Fillion (IMDB)

32:25 – In other entertainment news (AKA stuff we've been watching)

+ An Idiot Abroad (IMDB)

+ Burke and Hare (IMDB)

+ I Sell the Dead (IMDB)

+ Stuck in Love (IMDB)

+ Touchy Feely (IMDB): 

+ Presque vu (wiki)

+ Masters of Sex (IMDB)

+ Rumble Fish (IMDB)


43:09. Chris Piazzo. Did you make New Years resolutions? And if so what did you make?

44:36. Paula Moran. What are your favorite convention activities – official and not?

+ RadCon, Feb 14-16, 2014 – Pasco, WA (web): 

51:58. Laura Adams’ Inquiry.

+ Smash Mouth (web)

+ Menudo soup (wiki)

+ Archer (IMDB)

+ Travel Sick (IMDB)

56:28. Chris Piazzo. Lego movie, looking forward to it…?

Plural of ‘LEGO’ is ‘LEGO’ agree or disagree?

+ Neither FAQ#18

+ Origin (Colbert Report)


#TwoBardsPodcast on Twitter (@TwoBards)

1:01:41: Tiffani Pike Schmidt. Which cereal box character most represents you?

+ Alan Silvestri (IMDB)

+ John Williamson (IMDB)

+ John Williams (IMDB):  

The hobo’s bag and stick is called a bindlestiff or bindlestick

1:08:06. Moritz Schubert. What podcasts do you like?

+ Nerdist (web)

+ Vsauce (vLog) 

1:11:32 Home Theater PCs  -- Looking for suggestions


Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 36: This ain't no re-Peat, Pete

Description: Happy New Year, 2013 in review, Rival Guy and Henny Youngman Kickstarter, Scotchy goodness.

Intro music by Randall Marsh

1:00. Airship Daedalus
+ Moon Bullet Studios: Facebook, website

9:04. Andy’s holiday break

+ Anchor Bar (website). Buffalo, NY

+ Warwick Davis (IMDB) played Wicket

24:07. Scott’s holiday break
+ Pip and Lola’s – Web, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter

30:25 – ZOE News
Gamers 3 DVDs in production

Print copy of Airship Daedalus at

34:25 Question.
Paula Moran. What is the best reaction to a gift you’ve given someone? What was the gift? Who got it? What was the story behind it?

43:10. Interview with Rival Youngman

+ Ned Kelly (IMDB) (no longer on Netflix)

1:24:38 Scotch Talk
BTW: Scott’s favorite is Lagavulin16
+ Lagavulin Distillers Edition Double Matured Pedro Ximenez

1:27:52 Shout out to Erin Weathers

1:38:57 Shout outs to Vanessa, Tony, Damon, and Rob
+ 2014 IAWTV Awards – Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014 @ 6:00pm PST Website, Twitter