Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 34: Back on the Pole

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Description: Week in Review, Cold, XCX, Seahawks, Questions

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2:37. This Week
+ Glitch (web):
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+ XCX (FB):
+ Beau Prichard (IMDB):
+ Shawn R. Shelton (IMDB):
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+ Week 14 SEA @ SF:
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Scott’s Name Drops: David Nail, Ben Meyer
Andy’s Name Drop: Mike Thompson

+ Rude Mechanical Live, ep.1 (YouTube):
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+ Dark Dungeons (web):
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42:05. Douglas. Do you use a hit counter with an IP tracker, if so where is the most exotic place you have listeners?
+ Tim Tams at World Market:

44:43. Chris. Do you have any good strip club stories?

54:37. Chris. Do you prefer to go with male friends, mixed company, or your significant other?

1:02:53. Paula Moran. Do you enjoy or dislike FX makeup? Also what is the most elaborate FX makeup you’ve been in?

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