Sunday, March 30, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 48: Con Descending

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: ECCC, Weeks in Review, Questions and Answers, Pontification on the merits of Fame and Fandom, Autographs and more.

Episode Links:
+ Archer (IMDB)
+ Eastbound and Down (YouTube)
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (web)

3:10. Scott's Shoutouts

+ King Missile, Detachable Penis (YouTube)

6:16. Emerald City Comic Con
+ ECCC (web)
+ ZOE (web)
+ The Coffee Table (web)
+ Project London (web)
+ Causality (web)
+ Dinosaurs in America (Andy?)
+ Broodhollow (web)
+ CritSuccess (web)

17:58 Paula Moran. Any fun stories from ECCC?

+ Espionage Cosmetics (web)

26:30 Chris Piazzo. Since this week is ECCC, what should someone not do when checking out someone's booth? What's the most annoying booth visitor you've had?

+ Scrapper (web)

35:23 Thomas Brophy. What are your thoughts on the cost of celebrity autograph sessions?
+ Wil Wheaton on dealing with bullies and having empathy (web)
+ TableTop (web):

58:45 Rival Guy. What movie would you like to see adapted to the stage and what role would you want to play?

+ Frozen (IMDB)
+ Saw (IMDB)
+ Apocalypse Now (IMDB)
+ Reservoir Dogs (IMDB)

1:04:21 Paula Moran. How did you get into performing and tech?
+ The Badger Boys, ep.1 (YouTube)
+ Muffin Man (IMDB)

1:14:12. Matt Vancil announces that he's leaving ZOE
+ Announcement (ZOE Facebook page, Mar 30)

1:20:39 What time would you like to see the vodcast of Two Bards?
+ Survey Link

1:22:13 Podcast Plugs
+ Clinically Inane (web):
+ Surfing Aliens (web):
+ Limited Release (web):

+ Two Bards PDF Flyer (PDF)

And as always...
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | Startalk Radio

Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 47: Silver Member

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Weeks in Review, Weeks in Preview, Viewer Questions, Facebook Questions, Admissions, and Omissions.

Episode Links:

Two Bards T-shirt Survey:

4:23. Poll: What time would you want to tune into a video version of Two Bards?

+ Archive of episodes

08:25 Our weeks
+ Andy @ ECC; Booth 1515 (web)
+ Zombie Orpheus (web)
+ Thunderfrog (web)
+ Glitch (web) (Andy will have limited signed 'backer' copies for sale for $50)

Dead Gentlemen: Web, Youtube, Facebook
+ DG Demon Hunters Hangout (YouTube)
+ Don Early (IMDB)

15:50 Dark Dungeons: Web, Facebook
+ Antoine Fuqua (IMDB)
+ The Corsican Brothers (IMDB)
+ Kenneth Mars (IMDB)
+ Beauty and the Beast (IMDB)

18:07: Buffy vs. Firefly
+ Buffy the Vampire Slayer (IMDB)
+ Firefly (IMDB)
+ Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D (IMDB)

20:50. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (web)
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Tickets (web)

21:34 Michael Perdue. What else did you like George Lazenby in?
+ George Lazenby (IMDB)

22:46 Douglas Michel. Just got back from GameStorm in Vancouver
+ Gamestorm (web)
+ Casino Royal (IMDB)
+ Skyfall (IMDB)
+ Hot Fuzz (IMDB)
+ Timothy Dalton (IMDB)
+ Brian Blessed (IMDB)
+ Flash Gordon (IMDB)
+ Black Adder (IMDB)

26:35 Michael Perdue. If you guys were going to play celebrity D&D who else would you want in the group.
+ Wil Wheaton (IMDB)
+ Jerry Holkins (wiki)
+ Mike Krahulik (wiki)
+ Patrick Rothfuss (IMDB)
+ Cassandra Peterson (AKA Elvira) (IMDB)
+ Vin Diesel (IMDB)
+ Ice-T (IMDB)
+ Fred Phelps (wiki)
+ Terrance and Philip (wiki)
+ The Castro District (wiki)

31:02 Paula Moran. What is the oddest occurrence you've ever had backstage or in the green room?
+ A Child's Christmas in Wales (wiki)
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (wiki)

37:16 Green Room
+ Green Room (wiki)

39:33 Tiffani Pike Schmidt. What genre of film would you most like to be a part of creating and what capacity would you like to take part?

42:45 Brian Lewis. Do you have a favorite YouTuber
+ Michael from vsauce1 (YouTube)
+ Lisa Gabe MobileTechReview (YouTube)
+ Pete Holmes (YouTube)
+ Neil's Puppet Dreams (YouTube)
+ Jeremiah McDonald (YouTube)
+ ElGoodTimes (AKA And At) (YouTube)

46:12 Michael Purdue. What's your favorite pick-up line?

49:23. Dennis Nichol. Are you going to do an anniversary edition with pyrotechnics?
+ Ally McBeal (IMDB)
+ Peter MacNicol (IMDB)
+ Jane Krakowski (IMDB)

54:21 Brian Lewis. What's a time you laughed the hardest that you can remember?
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson [Slow Motion] (YouTube)
+ Cat Jump Fail with Music: Sail by AWOLNATION (YouTube)
+ Cat Burglar Busted (YouTube)

57:30 Brian Lewis. Is there a time in your life when you felt "Ok, now I'm a man"?

1:02:15 Laura Adams. Do you go back and listen to your vodcast?

1:04:19 Laura Adams. What is a mud shield?
+ Mud Shield (web)

Andy's Raspberry Potion
  • 2/3 pint Raspberry Lambic Framboise
  • 2 shots Chambord
  • Canned/Fresh raspberries
  • Half and Half to fill the pint.
  • Three pumps of simple syrup or 2 TBSP sugar

Top with Chambord whipped cream
  • heavy whipping cream
  • Three pumps of simple syrup
  • 3 shots of Chambord

1:09:27 Brian Lewis. Any self-deprecating drunk stories?

And as always...
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | Startalk Radio

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 46: Sláinte

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Video Link:

Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: St. Paddy's Day edition, car bombs, questions, answers, shennanigans aplenty.

Episode Links:

Dead Gentlemen Productions: Web | Facebook | Twitter
+ Paige Barnett (IMDB)

07:49 Paula Moran. How many types of dialects of you guys used in acting roles?
+ Sláinte (wiki)
+ tar-baby (wiki)

22:44 Scott talks about his current play
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Web | Tickets

27:06. Chris Piazzo. Scott, when you are in a play are you just acting or are you helping with any of the set or tech jobs?

30:25 The Mayor
+ And At “The Mayor: Preamble”
+ And At: Facebook | Twitter
+ Shawn R. Shelton (IMDB)
+ Upright Citizens Brigade (IMDB)
+ UCB, "Ass Pennies" (YouTube)
+ And At "Hamlet" (YouTube)

37:53 Paula Moran. What are your favorite genres of video games and what are a few of your favorite titles?
+ Darius (wiki)
+ Doom 2 (wiki)
+ King's Quest (wiki)
+ Monkey Island series (wiki)
+ Telltale Games (web)
+ Double Fine (web)
+ Hothouse Creations (wiki)
+ Sierra Entertainment (wiki)
+ SCUMM games (wiki)
+ Maniac Mansion (wiki)
+ Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (wiki)
+ Day of the Tentacle (wiki)
+ Tim Schafer (wiki)
+ Psychonauts (wiki)
+ Brütal Legend (wiki)
+ South Park the Stick of Truth (wiki)
+ Discworld video games (wiki)

+ King Solomon's Reef (web)

+ "You're Killing Me, Smalls" (YouTube)

51:58. Seth Davis. Today (3/16) is Alan Tudyk's birthday! -- What are your favorite Tudyk roles?
+ Alan Tudyk (IMDB)
+ Dollhouse - Alpha (IMDB)
+ Frozen -  Duke of Weasletown (IMDB)
+ Wreck-it Ralph - King Candy (IMDB)
+ Dale and Tucker vs. Evil - Tucker (IMDB)
+ Firefly - Wash (IMDB)
+ Firefly Wash Audition Tape (YouTube)

56:55 Laura Adams. Speaking rocky mt. osters, what are the yuckest foods you have ever had?

+ Wayne Knight Did Not Die, According To Wayne Knight (web)

1:11:58. Two Bards T-Shirt Survey

+ Thomas Brophy's photo (facebook)

1:17:58. Paula Moran. Will there be bard shirts at GenCon?

+ Zombie Orpheus, Booth 1515 at ECCC (web)
+ Kracklefest 4, tickets (web):
1:20:03 Thomas Brophy. If you could have a new ice cream flavor named for 2 Bards from Ben & Jerry what would flavor would you want?

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | Startalk Radio

Friday, March 14, 2014

Two Bards T-Shirt Post Mortem and Survey Link

(To check out the campaign, click here)

Post Mortem

Douglas Michel and son in their +2 Shirts of Seduction
Photo Credit: Heather Michel.

Proposed Timeline
Feb 01-12: Pre-Order Campaign
Feb 27: Shirts received from screen printers
Mar 03: Orders packed and shipped

Actual Timeline
Feb 01 - Pre-order campaign launched with an original end date of Feb 12
Feb 10 - Campaign extended to Feb 19 to allow for potential interest following RadCon
Feb 19 - Campaign closed
Feb 20 - Final order submitted to the screen printing company with a Mar 06 completion date
Mar 05 - Order completed and picked up
Mar 05-07 - Orders packed and shipped; Emails with tracking numbers sent
Mar 07-12 - Orders received; most arrived on the 8th, the last one was received on Mar 12.

Campaign Financials
Gross Sales
$447.00 for 24 shirts ($18 for XS-XL, $21 for 2XL-4XL)
$17.77 PayPal
$245.47 Production
$68.15 Processing

Balance delivered to Two Bards: $115.61
Percentage of Gross Sales to Two Bards: 25.9%

(an additional $110.85 was collected in shipping and a total of $111.25 was spent on shipping. The extra $.40 was counted as a processing cost).

Uh-oh Moments
When calculating PayPal's cut, I forgot to take into account that higher international shipping cost means a higher PayPal fee.
When doing a personalized quote to an international destination, USPS gave a quote for international 1st class mail, but when it came time to purchase it, the option was not available. The order cost the original shipping price which was much greater than the shipping fee collected.
Slight confusion over how to transfer funds to Two Bards, but we worked it out. Next time, I'll ask for that info upfront.


This is where your feedback is critical. Even if you didn't order a shirt, if you are interested in participating in a future pre-order, please complete this short (6-question) survey. Answers will be collected through March 31st.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 45: For Rich White Women on Diets

Audio Link:
Video Link:

+ Cornershop, “Brimful of Asha” (YouTube)
+ ASMR (wiki)

3:10 Shoutout to Stuart Hume (@exhumetw)
+ Australian Candy Care Package (twitter)
+ The Brown Note (wiki)
+ R. Lee Ermey (IMDB)
+ Arnott’s Tim Tam Indulgences (Amazon)
+ Arnott’s Original (World Market)
+ Tim Tam Slam (

10:03: Andy’s Trip

14:02 Paula Moran. Do you like Girl Scout Cookies and what kind?
+ Meet the Cookies (GirlScoutCookies)
+ Stapled Condoms (CBCNews)

18:34 Paula Moran. Do you have any favorite classic universal monsters and if so which one or ones and why?
+ Creature from the Black Lagoon (IMDB)
+ Christopher Lee (IMDB)

21:22 Chris Piazzo. Any concern Cosmos will be cancelled before its time?
+ Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (IMDB)
+ I fucking love science coming to TV (TheWrap)

24:26 Michael Perdue. Ducati 848 or Harley Electroglide?

+ And At “The Mayor: Preamble” (YouTube)
+ And At (Facebook)

+ Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (NYTimes)

38:25 Shoutouts
+ Seth Davis for the Two Bards shirts
+ Douglas Michel’s action shot (Facebook)
+ Laura Adams for the contact NdGT link (web)

40:20 Paula Moran. What are your favorite ice cream flavors?

43:12. Laura Adams. Do you like gelato?

45:23 Chris Piazzo. Lagavulin 16 year old single barrel scotch. Have you had it? Thoughts?

+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (web)
+ ECCC (web)
+ Jeff Carlisle (web)
+ Write-up by Alec Clayton (blog)

55:00 True Detective
+ True Detective (IMDB)
+ The King in Yellow (wiki)
+ The King in Yellow (Free on Gutenberg)

1:01:29. Tiffani Schmidt. Pick a Nick Cage character for each of the following categories: banish, marry, one night stand, and represent the human race for first contact with alien life forms.
+ Nicolas Cage (IMDB)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (web)
+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Facebook)
+ Startalk Radio (web)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 44: Careless Whisper


Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Questions/Answers, Shout Outs, Next week: Oscar's/Movie stuff
+ Giant Stash Pillowcase (kickstarter)
+ Harold & Kumar (IMDB)
+ Woody Allen (IMDB)
+ Jerry Lee Lewis (wiki)
+ Post-Modern Jukebox (YouTube, channel)
+ Careless Whisper (YouTube)

19:57 Laura Adams. What do you think of Michio Kaku? Would you consider having him on your show?
+ Big Think (web)

22:27 Paula Moran. What are the most creative ways you’ve had to use your acting skills that was not as an acting part?

27:44 Douglas Michel. Given the opportunity, what role in a musical would you most want to perform? And why that role or musical?
+ Hedwig and the AngryItch (wiki)
+ Wicked (wiki)
+ Into the Woods (wiki)
+ Les Miserables (wiki)
+ Avenue Q (IMDB)

32:17 Sarah Bricky. Would you smuggle me into Emerald City Comic Con?

32:45 Laura Adams. I have always been fascinated by sex scenes. Have you ever done one? If so is it embarrassing?

38:03 Sarah Bricky. What boardgame/video game would you like to see made into a movie?

44:34 Justin Everett. Are there any specific pieces of hardware/software you can recommend for first time filmers? Secondly, any government or state incentives or benefits you would recommend looking into.
+ Video: Cannon EOS RebelT3i (amazon)
+ Sound: Zoom H4N (amazon)  or TASCAM (amazon)

50: 48 Sarah Bricky. Do you have a guilty pleasure song?
+ David Johansen (AKA Buster Pointdexter) (wiki)
+ Snow, “Informer” (YouTube)
+ Guns N’ Roses, “It’s So Easy” (YouTube)
+ Lords of Acid (web)
+ Alice in Chains, “Rooster” (YouTube)
+ Godsmack, “Voodoo” (YouTube)
+ Stabbing Westward, “Save Yourself” (YouTube)

55:23 Thomas Brophy. What is the best/worst part of opening night? Favorite Harold Ramis Film?
+ HaroldRamis (IMDB)

1:00:36. Andy DopplerOwlski (@occamsmonkey). What obscure cartoons or tv shows did you watch as a kid?
+ Clue Club (IMDB)
+ Speed Buggy (IMDB)
+ Space Ghost (IMBD)
+ The Herculoids (IMDB)

1:05:22 Paula Moran. What is the strangest local festival you’ve been to or heard off?

1:05:56 Sarah Bricky. Any particularly embarrassing moments you’ve had on stage or camera that still haunt your dreams?
+ Fromage à Tois (YouTube)
+ Turbo Teen (IMDB)
+ Galaxy High School (IMDB)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Facebook) 
+ Startalk Radio (web)

+ Hudson Hawk (IMDB)