Monday, June 24, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 14: Mit Sound

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Description: H&H, ADR, Gandolfini, Phones, Mit Out Sound

Ep.14 Links:
+ Humans and Households:

+ Gamers 3:

+ The Misadventures of Kock and Spirk:
Twitter: @JamieTKock | @SpirkTheVulcan

10:55. Producing is…
+ Wranglers of Death Movie Trailer -

+ Bandersnatch Studios -

+ The Anniversary Teaser Trailer -

20:38. Renny phones in.

22:45. Black Magic tech talk

+ Job Hunters

29:20. Questions
Thomas Brophy: Favorite James Gandolfini performances?
+ Fallen (1998):
+ True Romance (1993):
+ The Last Castle (2001):
+ The Sopranos (1999-2007):
+ Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997):

+ Cracked After Hours:
The Only 8 Types of TV Shows that Get Made:

38:48. Moritz Schubert: What does “Mos” and “Sync” stand for [on a clapperboard]?

Jerry Bruckheimer isn’t dead:

46:00. Rob Hefferman (sp?): What is your take on mobile platforms iOs vs. Android vs. Windows 8

47:24. Andy’s rant (posting food pictures)

49:28 . Scott’s rant (FB game requests)

50:13. Betamax, laserdisc, LP
+ David Seville performing Witch Doctor -
+ More about David Seville:,_Sr.

53:44. Back to mobile platforms

1:06:35. SINGING!
+ A Whole New World Lyrics:

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My 5yo daughter vs. the Cloud Giant

FP (on her swing): I'm going to swing higher and higher until I touch! the clouds.

Me: And then?

FP: There is a giant up there. So, I'm going to jump from cloud to cloud until I reach the giant's cloud.

Me: And then?

FP: And then I'm going to eat. Him. UP!

Me: He must not be very giant if you can eat him up.

FP: I'm going to eat him up like a Venus Flytrap!

Me (astonished): Venus Flytrap!? Where did you hear about that?

FP: From Plants vs. Zombies, of course.

Me: of course.

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 13: The Baker's Dirty Dozen

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Description: Lucky 13, Boise, Two Rooms, Questions, Questions, Questions, Frakkin' Epic

Ep.13 Links:
Andy’s Anecdote

05:44 – Mike Ott’s Questions
RE: Glass Cannons?
RE: Camera Contest update?


15:50 – Trampas Johnson’s Questions
RE: Ok with Hobbit in three films?
RE: Favorite RPG?

+ Frakkin’ Epic:

Other RPGs mentioned:

+ Palladium Books (TMNT):

+ AD&D 2nd Ed:

+ Eberron (3.5 edition):

+ Serenity RPG:

+ DemonHunters RPG:

+ Paranoia:

+ Shadowrun:

+ Fantasy Core – Michael Perdue and Athena Hollow

26:13 - Shout out to the first pre-orders:
Kenneth Wheeler, Seth Davis, Mike Ott, Trampas Johnson, Lotta Djerf, Nick Kent, Chris Piazzo, Gordon Duke, Matthew Scoppetta, Cassi Cummings, Sara Corn, Lesley Sedlak, Brian Bender, Debra Holburn

+ Alamo Draft House Commercial (UNCENSORED)

+ Scott w/ Curtis Chandler:

35:55 Robyn Cobham’s Question #2
RE: Poutine at GenCon?

37:28 Spirk and Kock’s Question
RE: Favorite Starfleet Officer?

+ Best. Episode. Ever.

Spenser: For Hire
free versions?

45:50 Tom Brophy’s question
RE: Preproduction on Glass Cannons?

46:40 Robyn Cobham’s Question #1
RE: Which universe would you want to live?

53:49 Stuff to Pimp this Week
+ Laramie Project:

+ Jesus Christ Superstar (June 20 – July 21):

+ Humans and Households final shoot

+ ADR for Gamers 3

+ On clownfish:

+ Wild Waves Theme Park:

+ GenCon:

+ SpoCon:

59:55 Arrested Development

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 12: The Most Important Podcast of All Time

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Description: Questions? Frakkin' Epic, Couch Continuum, Boise, Two Rooms, Taco Shits, Off The Rails, Nate takes us out

Ep.12 Links:
2:11: Andy reminisces about his high school days.
Born in the Fifties (The Police)

Vancil hair of “Kid and Play”
+ Still looking. It shall be found!
+OMG! The awesomosity - worthy of a mightly long URL

Espionage Cosmetics

11:19 – Frakkin Epic Jumpstarter Campaign
*Spoiler Deleted! Listen to the Podcast!*

28:10 – Wed, Jun 12 - The Couch Continuum Releases
+And At (elgoodtimes productions):

38:06 – Sun, Jun 16 - Two Rooms @ 8pm Lakewood Playhouse

44:20 – Rant: Game of Thrones
*SPOILERS* Timber & Wind: A fansong about the Red Wedding in the Game of Thrones

49:20 – Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Dead

53:00 – Andy’s excited about the new X-Men movie

54:40 – Premiering Wed, Jun 12: Locally Grown

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 11: Some Like it Hot: Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Description: Heat, Two Rooms, RM, SIFF, Books vs Film, Procreation/Promotion

Ep.11 Links:
+Summertime, Summertime (The Jamies):

02:54 Teasers
Caerley Hill written reading (FB photo:;
Two Bards may work on the trailer
Frakkin’ Epic; special pre-order offer next episode

06:45 Two Rooms
One final show: June 16th @ 8pm Lakewood Playhouse

Confrontational Theater Project
+Twitter: @ConThePro

15:15 Teaser
Visited Christian Doyle to work on Rude Mechanical

+MSM Deli:

Scott participated in a read of Fortune Hunters.


24:30 Zoe Stuff
The amorphous Phase II non-update

26:58 Hi Sarah Moore!

Thanks to Gordon Duke to be the first to tip @&Hamlet
+To tip: and click “tip this video”

Scott’s drinks of choice
+ Ardbeg:

38:18 Game of Thrones rant

Movie where Sean Bean doesn’t die? Reportedly Flightplan, National Treasure and North Country are a few he lived all the way through.
+Sean Bean:

49:42 Shameless Self-Promotion
Scott was in a Safeway sponsored commercial for (??Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation??). It is currently airing as a trailer piece at SIFF, and has been picked up for a one-year rotation in the Pacific Northwest.

+Platypus drinking system:

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio: