Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 43: The Witching Hour (and then some)


Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Back from RadCon, Flappy Birds, Guardians, Questions, In Depth Discussion, NWNerdcast, and Witches


Shout out to Laura Adams.

This week:
+ The Lego Movie (IMDB)
+ True Detective (IMDB)
+ James Gunn (IMDB)
+ Lynda Carter (IMDB)
+ Shia LaBeouf (IMDB)
+ Transcendence (IMDB)
+ Houseof Cards (IMDB)
+ Andy on Twitter! @occamsmonkey

Q. Brian Lewis. If you self-proclaim that your show's content is fueled by the listeners' questions, why do you shit on the questions that people provide for you so much?
+ Lonely Island (web)
+ NW Nerdcast (Web)
+ NW Nerdcast (Facebook)

Q. Chris Piazzo. What is your apocalypse of choice and why?
+ The Quiet Earth (IMDB)
+ The Stand (IMDB)
+ Bill Fagerbakke (IMDB)

Q. Paula Moran.  When preparing for a role as an actor, do you do a lot of research, or do you wing it?

Q. Brian Lewis. Andy had some opinions about how the LBGT community is represented in media. Do you have some ideas on how they could be represented better? Are there examples of how people have been represented poorly?
+ Lost Girl (IMDB)

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+ Happy Ragnarok (news)

Q. Brain Lewis. Is there a mistake you made somewhere in life that you use as a great lesson to become a better person?
+ Rule of thumb (wiki)

Q. Tiffani Pike. Which Golden Girl do you relate to most?

Q. Laura Adams. What is the first question you will ask NdGT?