Two Bards, One Mic - Episode 41: Untitled

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Description: Live VODcast, questions, questions, more questions, and Tiffani's questions!

Podcast intro music by Randall Marsh

+ Nantucket Comedy Festival (web)

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Shout outs: Seth Davis, Tony Becerra, Patrick Pilger, Tiffani Pike, The Casting Pod, Laura Adams, buzzzurk, and Thomas Brophy

Q. Are you guys musicians?

+ Jew’s harp (wiki)
+ Neil Pert (wiki)
+ Seattle Seahawks (web)
+ C W McCall – Convoy (YouTube)
+ Lauren Bacall (IMDB)

+ Super Bowl Parade (ESPN)
+ Vuvuzela (wiki)

+ Starman (IMDB)
+ The Jerk (IMDB)
+ Caddyshack (IMDB)

Patrick Pilger
Q. What are your thoughts on a Surface Pro?

+ Springbank Whiskey (web)

+ Seattle Vice Kickstarter
+ Seattle Vice (FB)

+ Crazy People (IMDB)

+ RadCon
Scott’s RadCon Schedule
Fri @ 2:00pm | Room 2201 | Web Development For Authors/Game Designers/Artists
Fri @ 3:15pm | Room 2201 | Ask the Gamemasters
Fri @ 7:00pm | Bronze Room | Opening Ceremonies
Sat @ 11:15am | Room 2201 | Women in Gaming
Sat @ 3:00pm | Room 2209 | Two Bards Live

Andy’s RadCon Schedule
Fri @ 2:00pm | Room 2207 | Producing Independent Films
Fri @ 8:30pm | Room 2207 | Podcasting 101
Sat @ 1:45pm | Room 2207 | Podcasting 102: The Next Step
Sat @ 3:00pm | Room 2209 | Two Bards Live

+ Mel Blanc (IMDB)
+ Jim Henson (IMDB)
+ Bob Uecker (IMDB)

+ Petition to Re-appoint James Keblas (web)

+ Don Jon (IMDB)

Tiffani Pike
Q. What is your parents' stance on circumcision?

+ Sea hawk (wiki)
+ Amazon shares slip (web)

Thomas Brophy
Q. What’s the first thing you are going to do once the Seahawks win the Super Bowl?

+ Quincy M.E. (IMDB)

Paula Moran.
Q. What are some of the best/worst con-costumes you’ve seen? Has anyone ever cosplayed as a character you have ever been?

Seth Davis
Q. What is your next con after RadCon?

+ Poona The Fuckdog and other plays for children (web)
+ Berserkon2014, June 6-8 (FB)

+ Fuck defined (cafepress)

Tiffani Pike
Q. Are you angry letter writers?
Q. When was the last time you write an emotional email?
Q. Are you comfortable handling confrontation face to face?
Q. When was the last time you had to handle a confrontation with a stranger or a work setting
Q. Have either of you been in a physical confrontation?

+ Ice-T reads Dungeons and Dragons audiobook (web)
+ Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (IMDB)

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (web)
+ Bill Nye (web)