Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 39: The Miller/Moore Hypothesis

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Description: Scattering and Smattering of information, Joined by Sarah Moore (Gamer Chick) and Trin Miller (Actor Chick), Questions and Answers for the entire group from various sources, mostly Jeremy Spray. Who doesn’t listen to this podcast. Harumph!

Intro music by Randall Marsh

Studio Guests:
Sarah Moore: IMDB | FB | Twitter 
Trin Miller: IMDB | Twitter
+ Gamer Chick Show (YouTube)
+ Alan Smithee (wiki) 

24:25. The Gaming Gals w/Katie Swindler

+ defenestration (wiki)
+ Dorkness Rising (YouTube)
+ Eastbound & Down (IMDB)

48:00 Trin's Thibbit Ringtone (.m4r | .mp3) for listener #58 
(updated on Jan 31, now louder :) )

1:00:30. Jeremy Spray. You play an awesome looking game on Gamer Chick (GC), what is the game you play?

1:04:25. Jeremy Spray. Do you cosplay? Who would you want to?

1:06:02. Jeremy Spray. What is your favorite card combo in Cards Against Humanity?

1:07:00. Jeremy Spray. Who is your geekiest influence?

+ William Katt (IMDB)

1:08:37. Jeremy Spray. What muse to you look to or turn to when you lose confidence?

1:09:59. Jeremy Spray. What is your favorite YouTube channel?

+ Vsauce (YouTube)
+ Table Top (YouTube)
+ My Drunk Kitchen (YouTube)

1:12:03. Katy Spray. When is the table flipping?

1:13:00. Lesley Sedlak. Do you have any upcoming projects?

1:18:16. Paula Moran. Are you guys doing a live podcast at GenCon this year?

+ RadCon, Feb 14-16 (web)

1:19:21. Chris Piazzo. Will all the 80s movies that are being remade, is there a movie that hasn’t been made yet that you’d like to see remade?

+ BMX Bandits (IMDB)
+ E.T. (IMDB)
+ Splash (IMDB)
+ Gotcha (IMDB)

1:22:38. Rival Guy. Is The Mist worth watching again in black and white?
+ The Mist (IMDB)

1:24:23. Thomas Brophy. If given a chance to produce an all new award show, what would it be and why?

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Facebook)
+ Shia LaBeouf (IMDB)

1:27:00. Final Thoughts.

+ Tug Inn (web)