Friday, January 31, 2014

Warrag! Orkulz Aggax

JourneyQuest Orcs Chippendale BEEFCAKE.

With apologies to Matt Vancil, Jesse Lee Keeter, Kevin Inouye, Luke Amundson, Jeremy Spray, and Steven Wolbrecht.
Thanks to Fox Winter for coming up with the idea of replacing the original audio with the warchant.

Warrag! Orkulz Aggax
Orcish Lyrics

Kekart helaz ek haedart duwudz.
Trogdart huadz ek iuluz malifuluz.
Possagas nubudz shagga, net praolop arwabdjagas nubudz.
Orkulz aggax! Nodar heszax lordhul aka!
Orkulz aggax! Huarit ur drado bawaes!
Batmam nodar bennathesad aka.
Katakaen gadz wuaraggek.

English Translation

 Slaughter the Elf, skin the Dwarf.
Burn the Human and his cities.
You may slay us, but you will never break us.
We are Orcs! Our blood is fire!
We are Orcs! Hide behind your walls!
Justice is our spear-sister.
We will not be enslaved again.

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