Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 38: Borborygmi

Description: Movies, Pics, Music, Questions, Answers

Intro music by Randall Marsh

+ Ant-Man (IMDB)

+ Wreck-It Ralph (IMDB) 

+ Jane Lynch (IMDB)

+ Best in Show (IMDB)

+ A Mighty Wind (IMDB)

+ Parker Posey (IMDB)

+ Jackie-O Pascal in The House of Yes (IMDB)

+ Pitch Perfect (IMDB)

+ Angela Lansbury (IMDB)

+ Carrie Fisher (IMDB)

+ Jennifer Grey (IMDB)

+ Joel Grey (IMDB)

+ Drew Struzan (IMDB)

+ The Mist (IMDB)

+ Thomas Jane (IMDB)

+ Nathan Fillion (IMDB)

32:25 – In other entertainment news (AKA stuff we've been watching)

+ An Idiot Abroad (IMDB)

+ Burke and Hare (IMDB)

+ I Sell the Dead (IMDB)

+ Stuck in Love (IMDB)

+ Touchy Feely (IMDB): 

+ Presque vu (wiki)

+ Masters of Sex (IMDB)

+ Rumble Fish (IMDB)


43:09. Chris Piazzo. Did you make New Years resolutions? And if so what did you make?

44:36. Paula Moran. What are your favorite convention activities – official and not?

+ RadCon, Feb 14-16, 2014 – Pasco, WA (web): 

51:58. Laura Adams’ Inquiry.

+ Smash Mouth (web)

+ Menudo soup (wiki)

+ Archer (IMDB)

+ Travel Sick (IMDB)

56:28. Chris Piazzo. Lego movie, looking forward to it…?

Plural of ‘LEGO’ is ‘LEGO’ agree or disagree?

+ Neither FAQ#18

+ Origin (Colbert Report)


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1:01:41: Tiffani Pike Schmidt. Which cereal box character most represents you?

+ Alan Silvestri (IMDB)

+ John Williamson (IMDB)

+ John Williams (IMDB):  

The hobo’s bag and stick is called a bindlestiff or bindlestick

1:08:06. Moritz Schubert. What podcasts do you like?

+ Nerdist (web)

+ Vsauce (vLog) 

1:11:32 Home Theater PCs  -- Looking for suggestions