Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 13: The Baker's Dirty Dozen

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Description: Lucky 13, Boise, Two Rooms, Questions, Questions, Questions, Frakkin' Epic

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Andy’s Anecdote

05:44 – Mike Ott’s Questions
RE: Glass Cannons?
RE: Camera Contest update?


15:50 – Trampas Johnson’s Questions
RE: Ok with Hobbit in three films?
RE: Favorite RPG?

+ Frakkin’ Epic:

Other RPGs mentioned:

+ Palladium Books (TMNT):

+ AD&D 2nd Ed:

+ Eberron (3.5 edition):

+ Serenity RPG:

+ DemonHunters RPG:

+ Paranoia:

+ Shadowrun:

+ Fantasy Core – Michael Perdue and Athena Hollow

26:13 - Shout out to the first pre-orders:
Kenneth Wheeler, Seth Davis, Mike Ott, Trampas Johnson, Lotta Djerf, Nick Kent, Chris Piazzo, Gordon Duke, Matthew Scoppetta, Cassi Cummings, Sara Corn, Lesley Sedlak, Brian Bender, Debra Holburn

+ Alamo Draft House Commercial (UNCENSORED)

+ Scott w/ Curtis Chandler:

35:55 Robyn Cobham’s Question #2
RE: Poutine at GenCon?

37:28 Spirk and Kock’s Question
RE: Favorite Starfleet Officer?

+ Best. Episode. Ever.

Spenser: For Hire
free versions?

45:50 Tom Brophy’s question
RE: Preproduction on Glass Cannons?

46:40 Robyn Cobham’s Question #1
RE: Which universe would you want to live?

53:49 Stuff to Pimp this Week
+ Laramie Project:

+ Jesus Christ Superstar (June 20 – July 21):

+ Humans and Households final shoot

+ ADR for Gamers 3

+ On clownfish:

+ Wild Waves Theme Park:

+ GenCon:

+ SpoCon:

59:55 Arrested Development

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio: