Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 11: Some Like it Hot: Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Description: Heat, Two Rooms, RM, SIFF, Books vs Film, Procreation/Promotion

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+Summertime, Summertime (The Jamies):

02:54 Teasers
Caerley Hill written reading (FB photo:;
Two Bards may work on the trailer
Frakkin’ Epic; special pre-order offer next episode

06:45 Two Rooms
One final show: June 16th @ 8pm Lakewood Playhouse

Confrontational Theater Project
+Twitter: @ConThePro

15:15 Teaser
Visited Christian Doyle to work on Rude Mechanical

+MSM Deli:

Scott participated in a read of Fortune Hunters.


24:30 Zoe Stuff
The amorphous Phase II non-update

26:58 Hi Sarah Moore!

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Scott’s drinks of choice
+ Ardbeg:

38:18 Game of Thrones rant

Movie where Sean Bean doesn’t die? Reportedly Flightplan, National Treasure and North Country are a few he lived all the way through.
+Sean Bean:

49:42 Shameless Self-Promotion
Scott was in a Safeway sponsored commercial for (??Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation??). It is currently airing as a trailer piece at SIFF, and has been picked up for a one-year rotation in the Pacific Northwest.

+Platypus drinking system:

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
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