Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 48: Con Descending

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: ECCC, Weeks in Review, Questions and Answers, Pontification on the merits of Fame and Fandom, Autographs and more.

Episode Links:
+ Archer (IMDB)
+ Eastbound and Down (YouTube)
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (web)

3:10. Scott's Shoutouts

+ King Missile, Detachable Penis (YouTube)

6:16. Emerald City Comic Con
+ ECCC (web)
+ ZOE (web)
+ The Coffee Table (web)
+ Project London (web)
+ Causality (web)
+ Dinosaurs in America (Andy?)
+ Broodhollow (web)
+ CritSuccess (web)

17:58 Paula Moran. Any fun stories from ECCC?

+ Espionage Cosmetics (web)

26:30 Chris Piazzo. Since this week is ECCC, what should someone not do when checking out someone's booth? What's the most annoying booth visitor you've had?

+ Scrapper (web)

35:23 Thomas Brophy. What are your thoughts on the cost of celebrity autograph sessions?
+ Wil Wheaton on dealing with bullies and having empathy (web)
+ TableTop (web):

58:45 Rival Guy. What movie would you like to see adapted to the stage and what role would you want to play?

+ Frozen (IMDB)
+ Saw (IMDB)
+ Apocalypse Now (IMDB)
+ Reservoir Dogs (IMDB)

1:04:21 Paula Moran. How did you get into performing and tech?
+ The Badger Boys, ep.1 (YouTube)
+ Muffin Man (IMDB)

1:14:12. Matt Vancil announces that he's leaving ZOE
+ Announcement (ZOE Facebook page, Mar 30)

1:20:39 What time would you like to see the vodcast of Two Bards?
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1:22:13 Podcast Plugs
+ Clinically Inane (web):
+ Surfing Aliens (web):
+ Limited Release (web):

+ Two Bards PDF Flyer (PDF)

And as always...
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