Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 46: Sláinte

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: St. Paddy's Day edition, car bombs, questions, answers, shennanigans aplenty.

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+ Paige Barnett (IMDB)

07:49 Paula Moran. How many types of dialects of you guys used in acting roles?
+ Sláinte (wiki)
+ tar-baby (wiki)

22:44 Scott talks about his current play
+ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Web | Tickets

27:06. Chris Piazzo. Scott, when you are in a play are you just acting or are you helping with any of the set or tech jobs?

30:25 The Mayor
+ And At “The Mayor: Preamble”
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+ Shawn R. Shelton (IMDB)
+ Upright Citizens Brigade (IMDB)
+ UCB, "Ass Pennies" (YouTube)
+ And At "Hamlet" (YouTube)

37:53 Paula Moran. What are your favorite genres of video games and what are a few of your favorite titles?
+ Darius (wiki)
+ Doom 2 (wiki)
+ King's Quest (wiki)
+ Monkey Island series (wiki)
+ Telltale Games (web)
+ Double Fine (web)
+ Hothouse Creations (wiki)
+ Sierra Entertainment (wiki)
+ SCUMM games (wiki)
+ Maniac Mansion (wiki)
+ Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (wiki)
+ Day of the Tentacle (wiki)
+ Tim Schafer (wiki)
+ Psychonauts (wiki)
+ Brütal Legend (wiki)
+ South Park the Stick of Truth (wiki)
+ Discworld video games (wiki)

+ King Solomon's Reef (web)

+ "You're Killing Me, Smalls" (YouTube)

51:58. Seth Davis. Today (3/16) is Alan Tudyk's birthday! -- What are your favorite Tudyk roles?
+ Alan Tudyk (IMDB)
+ Dollhouse - Alpha (IMDB)
+ Frozen -  Duke of Weasletown (IMDB)
+ Wreck-it Ralph - King Candy (IMDB)
+ Dale and Tucker vs. Evil - Tucker (IMDB)
+ Firefly - Wash (IMDB)
+ Firefly Wash Audition Tape (YouTube)

56:55 Laura Adams. Speaking rocky mt. osters, what are the yuckest foods you have ever had?

+ Wayne Knight Did Not Die, According To Wayne Knight (web)

1:11:58. Two Bards T-Shirt Survey

+ Thomas Brophy's photo (facebook)

1:17:58. Paula Moran. Will there be bard shirts at GenCon?

+ Zombie Orpheus, Booth 1515 at ECCC (web)
+ Kracklefest 4, tickets (web):
1:20:03 Thomas Brophy. If you could have a new ice cream flavor named for 2 Bards from Ben & Jerry what would flavor would you want?

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | Startalk Radio