Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 25: The Richard Sherman Pick 6

Audio Link:

Description: Week in review, Questions, Merkins, Shakespeare, Kindness vs. Niceness

Ep.25 Links:
+ Richard Sherman -
+ Marshawn Lynch -
+ Seahawks vs. Texans -

4:55. What we’ve been up to
+ The Architect (IMDB).
+ Parker Posey (IMDB).
+ Josie and the Pussycats (IMDB).
+ And At:
+ Carrie the Musical (October 11-26).
+ Google Glass (YouTube Demo Video):
+ Clatter & Din:
+ Happy Birthday Tyler J. Hill:
+ Espionage Costmetics:
+ Lunch (IMDB): IMDB:
+ Grimm (IMDB).

27:20 Trampas Johnson. What are your thoughts on the interchangeability of nice and kind?

+ Mont Blanc -
+ POLAR PEN (Kickstarter):
+ The Ice Baller (Kickstarter):
+ Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold:

31:45 Fox Winter. What is your favorite speech from Shakespeare’s plays?

35:25 Fox Winter. What are some of the other things you said to make Brian Lewis uncomfortable in Hands of Fate?

36:36 Fox Winter. What is a merkin?

38:35 Mike Ott. How do you feel about Vine as a distribution outlet?

+ My Puddin’:

40:35. Moritz Schubert. Why is Leo such a munchkin in Gamers2 and a story player in Gamers3?
Munchkin (n.) Synonym for powergamer. Used most often derogatively.

48:20 Douglas Michel. How are the sales of Frakkin Epic? And what of hard-cover distribution?

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50:10. What we’re watching

+ Derek (IMDB).
+ Orange is the New Black (IMDB).
+ The West Wing (IMDB).
+ Breaking Bad (IMDB).
+ Don Jon (IMDB).
+ Elysium (IMDB).
+ Metallica: Through the Never (IMDB):
+ JGL, Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle (YouTube):
+ Star Trek into Darkness (IMDB).
+ TOS Star Trek morphed with new cast.
+ James Doohan clip (on a suicidal fan), from Trekkies:
+ Trekkies (IMDB):
+ The Most Interesting Man in the World on Star Trek:
+ Gatsby (IMDB):
+ 42 (IMDB):
+ Alan Tudyk (IMDB):
+ Alan Tudyk as King Candy* (YouTube):
*Use earbuds and take out the right ear. The clip has some annoying music playing in the right ear. ☹

+ Elias Koteas (IMDB):

+ Peak Munn (AKA The Inevitable Backlash of Internet Popularity):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson (wiki):
+ American Museum of Natural History:


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