Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 24: The Lost Boys

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Description: Week in review, Questions, Dress Etiquette, Behind Two Bards (A new segment), Bad Science

Ep.24 Links:
+ 24 (IMDB)
+ Kiefer Sutherland (IMDB):
+ Lost Boys (IMDB):
+ Office Space (IMDB):
+ Stephen Root (IMDB):
+ “Sew, a needle pulling thread” (YouTube):
+ Helpful song for learning the alphabet backwards (TMBG):
+ Thorn -

03:23. Getting back into the grind.
+ Linux:
+ Amazon Web Services:
+ Ubuntu:
+ George Bush (Wikipedia):
+ YUM (Wikipedia):,_Modified
+ Elias Koteus (IMDB):
+ Fallen (IMDB):
+ Mick Jagger (Wikipedia):
+ Bowie-Jagger:
+ Marianne Faithfull (Wikipedia):

13:24. DSL

15:58. Scott’s week
+ Sons of Anarchy (IMDB):
+ Kim Coates (IMDB):
+ The Society for Creative Anachronism:

19:40. The Case Number
+ Lane Bryant:
+ (C)Ross Dress for Less:
+ The Teaser Link:
+ Obadiah Stane (IMDB):
+ Jeff Bridges (IMDB):

31:54. Glass Cannons Bible
Mentionables: Sarah Moore, Brian Lewis, Luke Amundson.

33:54. Chris Piazzo. If the two of you had to sneak into a nazi camp in a two man cow costume, who would be in the front and who would be in back.
NOT LINKING Scott getting milked.

35:14. Thomas Brophy. If you had a time machine and went back to WS (William Shakespeare) time. What play of the Bard would you want to perform that he Dir?

+ Shakespeare: Original Pronunciation.
+ Shakespeare documentary (not sure which one Scott was taking about):
+ The Taming of the Shrew (trailerpark edition):
+ Merkin (Wikipedia):
+ Bo Derek (IMDB):
Bo Derek song? (found a few but none with those lyrics)

43:36. Moritz Schubert. Now that Gamers 3 is out you can talk about the production of that movie.
+ Gamers 3 (Episode 1):
+ Flogging Molly:
+ Linda Lovelace (Wikipedia):
+ Marilyn Chambers (Wikipedia):

Happy Birthday Lord Bender Bendington!
Name Dropping: Mike Ott, Sarah Moore

+ Lynda Carter (IMDB):
+ Kingdom Come Superman (Wikipedia):
+ Book of Deuteronomy (Wikipedia):
+ Book of Leviticus (Wikipedia):

56:27. Scott’s call sheet
+ Duvall, WA -
Saturday Cider (I couldn’t find a link) – Minea Farm maybe?
+ World’s Loudest Stadium:
+ Tecmo Bowl (Wikipedia):

1:04:05. The Darker Path (Facebook):
+ Hoosiers (IMDB):
+ Gene Hackman (IMDB):
+ Dennis Hopper (IMDB):
+ Dennis Farina (IMDB):
+ Slauson Cutoff (YouTube):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Johnny Carson (IMDB):
+ Weird Science (IMDB):
+ Boise International:
+ centripetal force (Wikipedia):
+ centrifugal force (Wikipedia):