Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 76: Reboot To The Head

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Intro music by Randall Marsh

Description: Weeks in Review, Evan & Bobbi, Questions and Answers.

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Evan and Bobbi: a twisted Christmas Carol
December 4-13, 2014
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"It's the feel bad play of the season. It's emotive...and isn't that the point of art? But damn. I need a shower."
-- A. Dopieralski
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09:00. Q. Paula Moran. Is Dead.FM going to replace Two Bards? (hope not)

12:02. Q. Rob MacLennan. Do either of you do anything crafty? By that I mean basket weaving crafty, not Lex Luthor plotting to take over the world crafty. (For example I make costume grade chainmail, functional archery bows out of PVC pipe, and I'm slowly getting into leather working.)

+ Nick Offerman Hand-carved wood emoji (Boing Boing)
+ The gunfighter (voice by Nick Offerman) (YouTube)

21:23. Q. Paula Moran. What is your favorite reliving youthful fun activity (ie. reading your old kids books or playing with LEGOS, etc)?
+ Gargoyles (YouTube)

32:33. Q. Rob MacLennan. Any opinions on the Star Wars episode 7 trailer?
+ Star Wars VII Teaser (YouTube)
+ John Boyega (IMDB)
+ Teaser -- George Lucas' Special Edition (YouTube)

38:18. Q. Dennis Nichol. Since remakes are such a big thing these days, what remake would the Two Bards prefer to do if you had the opportunity and resources to "do it right"?
+ The Lawnmower Man (IMDB)

40:42. Q. Rob MacLennan. Johnny Mnemonic, more true to the short story?
+ Johnny Mnemonic (IMDB)
+ Snow Crash (Amazon)
+ Ready Player One (Amazon)
+ Howard the Duck (IMDB)

43:50. Q. Justin Everett. What movie or TV show do you love even though it would normally cause you to nerd rage at the scientific or logical fallacies in it?
+ Manimal (IMDB)
+ Misfits of Science (IMDB)
+ Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (IMDB)
+ Godzilla [2014] (IMDB)
+ Japan is finally making a new Godzilla movie (Kotaku)
+ Dredd (IMDB)

52:08 Q. Ben Clemence. How do you feel about the level of proliferation for computer animation in today's cinema?

+ David Warner (IMDB)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....
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