Two Bards, One Mic -- Episode 28: Two Schlongs and a Schlort

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Description: Four days in review, Catching up, Questions, Questions and Questions, also a Surprise.

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+ Chupacabra -
+ Seattle Thunderbirds -

JourneyQuest Livestream for #Orctober #FutureHashtagUs #TwoBards #Awesome #ThisSoundsDouchey #INeedToTakeAShit

4:10. Scott’s weekend
+ Lou Reed -
+ Marcia Wallace -
+ After Earth (IMDB) -

Metric butt-load of questions #TwoBardsPodcast
7:30. Mike Ott. What is your favorite song from the 90s?
+ Jane Jensen; Comic Book Whore -
+ Tromeo and Juliet (IMDB) -
+ Hocus Pocus (IMDB):

10:03. Mike Ott. What was your favorite toy as a kid
Snake Mountain (web) -
Billy Dee Williams (IMDB):

11:45. Are you a Decepticon or an Autobot? Are you Imperial or a Rebel? Galactican or Cylon? G.I. Joe or Cobra? Chord, cord, coard, or corde?

+ Njoytoy:

15:30. Brian Lewis. Why don’t you interview some guests?
15:58. Shawn Shelton Interview
+ Shawn R. Shelton (IMDB):
+ Short Circuit (IMDB):
+ Kathy Najimy (IMDB):
+ Steve Guttenberg (IMDB):
+ Crazy People (IMDB):
+ Bandersnatch Studios (web):


+ 21 and over (IMDB):
+ Skydrive Commercial “Robot” (YouTube):
+ Rocketmen (FB):
+ Gerard Parr (IMDB):
+ Damon Vanhee (IMDB):
+ Docu-drama for TLC, Escaping the Prophet:
+ Pearl Jam (web):
+ And At (FB):

36:30 Erin Weathers Interview
+ Erin Weathers (IMDB):
+ AT&T | SIC Mobile App Hackathon (Wearables):
Shout outs to: Adam Smith-Kipnis, Phillip Kast, Daniel Herrera and Vaibhav Vaidya.
+ Al Jazerra (web):
+ Ladybugs (IMDB):

53:18. Brian Lewis. Do you remember the last time you weren't hooked in, or plugged in, or watching/listening/playing/working/eating/driving/ acting etc.? Just NOT distracted with a device or task and alone with your thoughts? (If not the "last time," then a memorable time)

+ Tide Stain Commercial (YouTube):

59:24 Brian Lewis. If money or time was not an issue, what would you cosplay as?

+ Verizon Commercial (YouTube):
+ Brian Lewis (FB):
+ Sailor Moon Transformations (YouTube):
+ Mask (IMDB):
+ Gleaming the Cube (IMDB):
+ Don Ameche (IMDB):

+ Neil deGrasse Tyson:
+ Startalk Radio: