Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 263: Belated Bards

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Months in Review (Sorry folks); Questions and Answers; BQotW4

0:01:16. Months in Review.
+ MisterFPGA (web)
+ Gilbert Syndrome (liverfoundation)
+ CAT Phones (web)
+ OnePlus 8T (web)
+ Surface Duo (microsoft)
+ Rude Mechanical (wiki.zombieorpheus) 

0:47:10. BQotW  
BQotW #262: What has been the BEST thing to happen to you during these "Covid-times"?
BQotW #263: Were we missed?

0:51:11. Rob MacLennan. What art/music/shows are you consuming these days, if you have any time at all to do so?
+ Star Trek: Lower Decks (IMDB)
+ Too Beautiful To Live (web)
+ Live From Here (web)
+ Raised by Wolves (IMDB)
+ Ratched (IMDB)
+ Tool: Fear Inoculum (toolband)

1:02:09. Matthew Hunt.
So, how about that election huh?

1:03:27. James Peters. 1) What unexpected positives, if any, have the bards discovered during these Quaran-times? Do you find yourselves spending less on restaurants or hobbies, for example? Have you had more time to devote to other interests? 

1:07:59. James Peters. 2) What do the bards do to keep sane when everything seems awful?

1:10:36. Douggie Sharp. Favorite recent meal, and what made it your favorite? Any recent media rabbit holes?
+ Adrian's Digital Basement (YouTube)

1:16:32. Rob MacLennan. Has there been any progress on Andy's studio space, or is that on the backburn with all that is going on?
+ @YourLameFriends (Twitter)
+ Your Lame Friends (YouTube)

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