Hot Ones, Hot Questions - Amelia Dimoldenberg


01:53. Q1. So I remember years ago shooting a video in a chicken shop with the chicken connoisseur near Tottenham and distinctly remember these hordes of youths outside banging on the windows begging for a picture. I'm curious, what's the most chaotic scene that you've experience or maybe even created doing a show like Chicken Shop Date in such a unique environment?


03:36. Q2. Do you have a tell for when a guest is relaxed and engaged, and if so, how early can you recognize it?

05:30. Q3. What do you see as the power of stating the obvious or asking simple questions?

07:26. Q4. So, I'm of the opinion that the red carpet interview is the most intimidating and unnerving assignment that you can possibly get in media and it was a sentiment that was echoed when I sat down with Alexa Chung -- she called it everyone's worst nightmare -- but it's clearly a challenge you've embraced. How do you even prepare for an environment so chaotic when there are literally hundreds of personalities and potential variables involved?

09:52. Q5a. So in 2021, you launched a series on Channel 4 called Celebrity Rebrand where you would counsel other on-air personalities from Anna Richardson to Jimmy Carr on the ways they could elevate their career profiles. So with that in mind, what I want to do is channel Amelia Dimoldenberg Brand Visionary for some existential questions that we've been having internally about Hot Ones for the ways that maybe we can elevate this brand. 

10:25. Q5b. We've had this black curtain 1980s c-access set basically since the beginning. Do you have any ideas for ways that we can modernize or transform the set here?

11:05. Q5c. How about wild over-the-top exaggerated out-of-control hand gestures -- do they have any place in an interview setting?

11:29. Q5d. Male hair transplants for on-air personalities -- yea or nay?


13:25. Q6. So prior to you work on Chicken Shop Date, I know that you studied fashion journalism at Central St. Martins. From Zoolander to Devil Wears Prada, Bruno, Clueless, and beyond -- is there a film that you think best satirizes the world of fashion?


14:02. Q7. Pound for pound, what do you think is the best outfit that a guest has gotten off on Chicken Shop Date?


15:43. Q8. What would you say that someone's Chick Shop order says about them? Are there any unforgivable faux pas?


17:48. Q9. So I'm often asked what's your favorite interview of all-time that you've done and I find it to be like an impossible to answer question sometimes, so I'm not going to go there with you. But, I'm curious, what do you think has been your most important interview? Which interview do you think had the biggest impact on the growth of your channel, and then which interview would you suggest fans check out first if they're unfamiliar with you?