Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 262: Bard in the Saddle Again!

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Questions and Answers: We catch up with MONTHS in Review! Then Bardic Question of the Week, er, Months, and then Questions and Answers!

0:00:45. Weeks in Review.

+ Hamilton (IMDB)
+ C.O.G. (IMDB)
+ Devs (IMDB)
+ Last of Us 2 (Playstation)
+ Devolver Digital (IMDB)

0:37:00. BQotW  
BQotW #261: What is your worst delivery story?  
BQotW #262: What has been the BEST thing to happen to you during these "Covid-times"?

0:45:31. Matthew Hunt. Thoughts on the latest acquisition by Facebook?

0:48:20. Casey Lee. What new adventures have The Bards tried out that are not work related to deal with the lock down?

0:50:14. Casey Lee. When do you think we are going to get those other 2 Remo Williams films they had planned?

0:51:35. Rob MacLennan. With Scott doing so much driving now I'm wondering how he's passing the time, if he has much to pass between stops, and if there are any issues peculiar to being stuck behind the wheel that he's experiencing?

0:56:30. James Peters. In this sort of game [post-apocalypse], what kind of role or character would you want to play??

0:58:52. Douggie Sharp. Are they still audio books, if they're also being visually recorded? What book would you like to do in that format?

1:05:05. Rival Guy. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Is there anything Scott can recommend regarding using keto to help control the affliction?

1:20:50. Rob MacLennan. How much of voice acting is deciding on how the character carries himself?

1:23:46. Matt Hunt. Thoughts on the PS5 reveal trailer? Anything console specific you're looking forward to?

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