Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 252: Bards Plus Premium All Access

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Week in Review; BroadwayWorld Awards; BQotW; Questions and Answers.

0:00:51. Week in Review
+ Trans-Siberian Orchestra (web)
+ The Mandalorian (IMDB)
+ The Expanse (IMDB)
+ Proof (Brownpapertickets)
+ xCloud (xBox)

0:19:04. BQotW 
BQotW#251: If you were forced to live in a fantasy world (book, game, movie, etc) for one week with the provisos that you cannot keep anything from that world and if you die there, you die, what world would you choose and why?

BQotW#252: What is your best Christmas memory? It can be a present, a location, an experience, whom you were with, etc.

0:31:00. Douggie Sharp. Do you pronounce it car-a-mel or car-mel?

0:31:57. Rob MacLennan. Do you have a favourite Spielberg directed/produced film?

0:38:43. Matthew Hunt. Bourbon or Whiskey? Neat or mixed? Ice or stones?

0:43:23. Rob MacLennan. Disney placing content warnings on their old catalog: the right way to handle it, or burn it all?
+ Dolemite Is My Name (IMDB)

0:57:26. Brian S. Lewis. Disney+ sweep happy fun time with lollipops and rainbows, or the beginning of the end of the current streaming service arena including putting Netflix out of business?

1:07:39. Matthew Hunt. Are you playing Whamaggedon this year?

1:08:46. James Peters. I have a brand new resin printer of decent quality, so are there any minis you'd like printed?

1:10:44. Matthew Hunt. Thoughts on Jedi: Fallen Order? *SPOILERS*
+ Jedi: Fallen Order (EA)

1:20:44. Rob MacLennan. Do you have a fictional character as a role model? I grew up wanting to emulate Spock.

1:23:01. Matthew Hunt. What advice would you give to people looking to do their own podcast?

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