Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 248: Rob 'n the 'hood

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks and weeks in Review: Moving, Plays, Commercials, etc; Special Guest Rob MacLennan; BQotW, Questions and Answers.

0:00:32. Week in Review
+ The Butler Did It [Sep 20-Oct 5] (rentoncivictheatre)
+ ADF (adflegal)
+ Iron Maiden (web)
+ Ian Hubert (IMDB) - Instagram - Twitter - Youtube

0:27:58. BQotW 
BQotW#247: What did you do this summer?
+ Robin Hobb (web)
BQotW#248: Moving, the worst or the absolute worst?

0:35:22. Douggie Sharp. If you could time travel only once (return trip included), when and where would you go? How long would you stay?

0:44:00. Rob MacLennan.  How do you feel about the proliferation of streaming services and the Balkanization of studios' content?
+ The Nerd Crew: D23, Star Wars, D23, Disney+ and Streaming Services (YouTube)

0:49:00. Matthew Hunt. What's a favourite 4X or Turn Based Strategy of yours?
+ Disgaea (
+ Shadowrun (catalystgamelabs)

0:51:45. Brad McGowan. What is considered a Two Bard’s breakfast?

0:56:33. James Peters. Who should buy out Ninja next, and why?
+ Ninja (

1:02:09. James Peters. Are there any simple ways to reduce wind noise on point-and-shoot cameras or other items that don't have ports for external mics?

1:06:02. Rival Guy. What sort of microphone would you use for recording a cello? Bias toward the lower register.
+ Oktava mics (oktava-shop)

1:09:01. Rob MacLennan. If one's least favorite clients sings my praises is that indicative of innate acting ability or sociopathy?

1:11:11. Matthew Hunt. What are your thoughts on the upcoming KFC dating simulator?
+ I Love You, Colonel Sanders! (steam)
+ Feast of Legends (web)

1:13:45. Douggie Sharp. What your favorite keto dish?

1:18:13. Matthew Hunt. Oprah/Hoff 2020, what are your thoughts?

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