Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 246: What's in a game?

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review; Special Guest James Youngman: Tragedy of the Commons Humble Bundle, Game Design; BQotW, Questions and Answers.

0:02:24. Weeks in Review
+ Hair Nation (HairNationRocks)
+ Doom Re-Releases (Polygon)
+ Spider-Man: Homecoming (IMDB)

0:15:27. Special Guest: James Youngman
+ Spider-Man PS4 (Playstation)
Puzzles & Puzzle Games [Tragedy of the Commons] (Humblebundle)
+ Theory of Fun Game Design by Raph Koster (Theoryoffun)
+ Rise of Tyrants iOS Gameplay Trailer (YouTube)
+ Crimson Steam Pirates (Apple)
+ Murdered Soul Suspect (Wikipedia)
+ James Youngman on Bandcamp (Bandcamp)
+ Metal Wolf Chaos XD (MetalWolfChaos)

1:16:52. BQotW 
BQotW#245: What is your favorite pet?
BQotW#246: What is something that you were hyped for, that ultimately let you down?

1:27:15. Rob MacLennan. If you had no prior film-making experience and had the chance to be mentored on-set for a day -- what would you want to do?

1:29:10. Casey Lee. What words of wisdom do The Bards have for us as we undertake this adventure (relocating to WA state)?

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