Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 238: Hawaii Bar-Doh!

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review; Hawaii, Snowmageddon, Work, etc; BQotW, Questions; Questions and Answers.

0:00:45. Weeks in Review
+ SCB Facebook Page for Pictures (Facebook)
+ MetalJesusRocks (YouTube)
+ Twelve Angry Men [Apr 5-20] (RentonCivicTheatre)

0:23:25. BQotW 
BQotW#237: What is the biggest let down you've had for a major event? 
BQotW#238: What is your dream vacation?

0:30:31. Matthew Hunt. What is your preferred/go-to sci-fi franchise/universe?

0:34:17. Rob MacLennan. What is your survival plan for Snowmageddon2: The Snopocalypse.

0:35:48. Matthew Hunt. What podcasts do you have on your shortlists?
+ Linus Tech Tips (YouTube)
+ Unboxing Therapy (YouTube)
+ Simply Scuba (YouTube)
+ Dark Fable Media (YouTube)
+ ETA Prime (YouTube)
+ Joe Robinet (YouTube)

0:43:40. Rob MacLennan. That makes me wonder if you ever listen to old entries of your old podcast for the member-berries.

0:43:48. James Peters. Got any beef or other meat jerky recommendations?
+ People's Choice (amazon)

0:45:46. Matthew Hunt. What webcomics are you currently reading and which would you like to catch up on?
+ (web)
+ Order of the Stick (giantitp)
+ Looking for Group (lfg)
+ Demon Hunters (demon-hunters)

0:47:30. Matthew Hunt. Given the large number of candidates just from the Democrats, what would your 2020 Campaign Slogan be?

0:48:50. James Peters. What would it take to get Andy D. to play some Apex Legends on PC?
+ Fractured MMO ARPG (YouTube)
+ Codemasters (web)

0:53:13. Kevin Mickelson. ...How do I avoid divorce?

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