Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 226: BardSEE not BardZEE

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Bohemian Rhapsody, Kavanaugh Confirmation; Weeks in Review: Skykick development woes, Games - Life is Strange Season 2, Plumbing issues, Black Magic - testing new firmware, Snake River Fandom Con (Forgot to talk about Scott's weeks); Questions and Answers; No BQotW.

+ Bohemian Rhapsody (IMDB)

0:03:45. Political Rants

0:17:02. Weeks in Review
+ Skykick (web)
+ Life is Strange Season 2 [trailer] (YouTube)
+ BlackMagic Design (web)
+ House of Bowyn: Facebook | Instagram
+ Snake River Fandom Con (web)
+ Catrine McGregor (IMDB)
+ (web)
+ Scorch The Earth Band (Facebook)

BQotW #225: no question
BQotW #226: How many electronic game playing devices do you have, and what are they?

1:32:30. James. What is your least favorite question that someone WILL ask you at the con?

1:42:42. Rob MacLennan. What was the first thing that really caught your eye at the con?

1:48:35. Casey Lee. Suggested Bardic Question: How many electronic game playing devices do you have, and what are they?

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