Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 221: Black Lung Son

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review; SpoCon explained, Big Concert Weekend: What We've Been Watching; Tech Corner - Surface Go;  BQotW; Questions and Answers.

0:08:09. SpoCon explained
+ SpoCon (web)
+ WorldCon (web)

0:22:15. Weeks in Review
+ The Belko Experiment (IMDB)
+ Insecure (IMDB)
+ Ballers (IMDB)
+ Spielberg (IMDB)
+ Eagles of Death Metal (IMDB)

0:44:47. Surface Go
+ Surface Go (microsoft)

0:53:53. BQotW
BQotW #220: What is a show, movie, or album that is a hidden gem to you?
+ Green Naugahyde - Primus (YouTube)
+ Animatrix (IMDB)
+ Glitch (IMDB)
+ The Almighty Johnsons (IMDB)
+ Paradigm Blue (YouTube)
+ SORTEDfood (YouTube)
+ Friday Nights - Loading Ready Run (YouTube)
+ The Man From Earth (IMDB)
+ Wild Cards I (Amazon)
+ Lucky Number Sleven (IMDB)

BQotW #221: What is a favorite non-Keto recipe you want to see if we can Keto-ize?

1:03:35. Casey Lee. If you make it to podcast 420, would you guys do a 4:20 podcast?

1:04:32. Rival Guy. Would the bards drink [lab processed] whisky?

1:08:37. Patrick Boden. If you had a coat of arms or a crest representing yourself, what would be on it?

1:10:20. Rob MacLennan. Can you think of a movie or TV franchise that you think needs a reboot?

1:15:35. Tom Brophy. What is a dream festival you'd love to see of bands still playing or gone?

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