Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 205: The Shape of Black Panther

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review; Games; Black Panther; The Shape of Water; Everything Sucks; BQotW; Questions and Answers.

0:0:30. Weeks in Review
+ Shape of Water (IMDB)
+ New to Discord? Here's the invite!
+ Analogue Super NT (Analogue)
+ Ride (Amazon)
+ Hob (RunicGames)
+ Pit People (web)

0:29:45. Black Panther *SPOILERS*
+ Black Panther (IMDB)
+ The Admiral Theater (FarAwayEntertainment)

1:14:58. Shape of Water *SPOILERS*
+ Shape of Water (IMDB)

1:33:50. A few other shows.
+ Everything Sucks (IMDB) 
+ Nailed It! (IMDB)

1:42:32. Bardic Question of the Week
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BQotW #204: When you are sick, what do you do to feel comfortable/cope?
BQotW #205: What movies do you dislike but still think people should watch?

1:44:45. Casey Lee. Bardic Question Level 20: Why does Wonder Woman's invisible jet have windows?

1:46:55. Laura Adams. Are you guys doing anything interesting for St. Patrick's Day?

1:47:26. Seth Davis. March 20 will be the 5-year anniversary of Two Bards, One Mic. Happy Anniversary! What kind of wood gifts would you encourage listeners to send you for this auspicious occasion?

1:50:13. Patdragon. Might as well throw this one in as a new listener. Which Two bard podcast episodes have been your favourites and I should go back an listen too?

 BQotW #205a: Bardkateers, what have been your favo(u)rite episodes?

1:53:29. Casey Lee. Shamrock Shakes, yes or no?

1:55:45. Rob MacLennan. If you were given 5 acres in the woods (with road access) and $5M to build anything you wanted, what would you build? Would you build anything, or just leave the land as it is?

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