Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 203: RAM-tastic

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Tech/RAM issues; See Alice Run play;; Pinstripe Game; LeMay Car Museum; Questions and Answers; BQotW; Comic Con naming issues.

0:00:48. Tech/RAM issues

0:04:49. Weeks in Review
+ See Alice Run (Tickets Apr 6-21). (vendini)
+ Pinstripe Game (steampowered)
+ LeMay Car Museum (web)

0:35:29. Rival Guy. Are car shows cons?

0:39:07. Rob MacLennan. Any plans in the works for The Bards, specifically, to play in the shared universes of either Strowlers or Demon Hunters?

0:40:53. RPG Research. Both bards. Total tangent: Your preference for Laptop, Desktop, or other, for daily use (rather than project specific needs)? Operating System preference for daily use. Is this preference the same as what you are using (or not)? Along those lines (sort of), you may have answered more than once previously (sorry if redundant): most preferred RPG system(s)? Genre(s)? Setting(s)?
+ Surface Pro (amazon)
+ Windows 10 (microsoft)
+ Paranoia RPG (Mongoose Studios)
+ CORTEX Games (DrivethruRPG)
+ D&D5e (amazon)

0:50:53. Bardic Question of the Week
BQotW #202: What cons do you go to? And, what do you like to see and do at cons?
BQotW #202.2: How do bards and bard-fans deal with con-plague/con-crud?
+ Mythbusters: Contamination (YouTube)
+ Mythbusters: Mona Lisa (YouTube)
+ Norwestcon (web)

1:17:42. Con Naming Issues.
+ Snake River Fandom Con (snakerivercomiccon)

BQotW #203: Do you have an obscure hobby that you wish there were cons for? Have you been to a "hobbiest" con?

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