Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 200: Bardcentennial

Two Bards, One Mic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Happy 200th! Special guest interviews, BQotW, Questions and Answers

0:02:13. Don Early
+ Transformers Masterpiece Collection (amazon)
+ DemonHunters: Slice of Life (kickstarter)
+ ZOECON2018 (web)
+ DemonHunters: Comedy of Terrors (

0:13:24. Seth Davis
+ Matt Vancil (patreon)

0:17:34. Matt Vancil
+ JourneyQuest (amazon)
+ Hopjockey (kickstarter)
+ Larry Dixon (aelfhame)
+ Ghost of a Tale - Walkthrough (YouTube)

0:26:20. Christian Doyle
+ Masters of the Metaverse on HyperRPG (twitch). Monday nights.
+ MotM Archive (Youtube)

0:33:23. Nathan Rice
+ Orcish Beefcake Calendar (kickstarter)
+ Raytheon (web)

0:39:39. Brian S. Lewis
+ Cornelia Moore (IMDB)
+ Kairos Productions (web)
+ Depth (IMDB)
+ Soma - Transmissions (YouTube)

0:55:08. Jeremy Spray
+ GoRuck (web)
+ Jumanji (IMDB)
+ Two Bards on Discord

BQotW #199: How do you "reset" or decompress when the stress is too much?
Thanks to James for:
+ Ride (steam)
+ NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Storm (steam)

BQotW #200: What is your best and/or worst Valentine's Day story/memory?

1:33:19. Rob MacLennan. Was it difficult setting up the equipment and dealing with the ambient sound during the naturecast? (The results were very good!)
+ Tascam DR-680 8-track Portable Digital Field Audio Recorder (amazon)

1:36:02. Casey Lee. Do you have to have a beard to be a Director of Photography (DP)?

1:42:00. Rob MacLennan. So, Black Lightning?
+ Black Lightning (IMDB)
+ Arrowverse Episode Order (herokuapp)
+ The Big Family Cooking Showdown (IMDB)
+ Another Period (IMDB)

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