Sunday, November 19, 2017

Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 191: Bake yer Pun'kins

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review; BQotW: Favorite Holiday Food: Questions and Answers: Bardic Guide to Men Treating Women Properly, Justice League, How Do You Listen to the Bardcast, Devo, Dress Codes.


00:05:04. Weeks in Review

00:10:29. Callback BQotW#188: What is your biggest gaming pet-peeve?

Bardic Question of the Week
+ Two Bards on Discord
BQotW #190: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day (or other holiday if you don't have/celebrate Thanksgiving) food? Bonus points: Why?
BQotW #191: What do you want to see/hear on the TBOM Holiday Special?

00:35:02. Questions and Answers 
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00:36:32. Thomas Brophy. Hey @TwoBards, will all the disgusting stories of guys going on, can you put out a Two Bards Guide for Men on how to properly treat a woman? Clearly we need one.

01:25:59. Rob MacLennan. So are you going to see "Justice League", or have you been put off by so many DC movie failures in the past? (I'll be seeing it next weekend; holding out a little hope.)
+ Justice League (IMDB)

01:31:20. Casey Lee. #RealTwoBards. How do you listen to the podcast? How do you bard?

01:33:17. Casey Lee. Three questions for the Bard fans 1) When a problem comes along you must.... 2) Before the sits out too long you must... 3) When somethings going wrong you must...

01:33:44. Paula Moran. What are your thoughts on dress codes requiring 'natural' hair colors, no piercings, or visible tattoos, etc,...?

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