Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 190: Raggin' on Ragnarok

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: No Weeks in Review; Tech Talk: XBOX One X, XBOX One S, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, Fossil Q3 Smartwatch; Movie Talk: Thor Ragnarok; BQotW: Weird or Not Weird Holiday Traditions; Questions and Answers: Requirements for a Bard-like appearance, What game could you play for 24 hours, The Little Mermaid moral of the story offensive? Why can Disney get away with it?

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00:01:55. Tech Talk: XBOX One X
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00:29:10. Teck Talk: Fitbit
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00:56:07. Chris Menges
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[Skipped for now, I still need to see the movie - LMG] 

01:49:25. Bardic Question of the Week
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BQotW #189: What are your weird family traditions? 
BQotW #190: What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day (or other holiday if you don't have/celebrate Thanksgiving) food? Bonus points: Why?

Questions and Answers 
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02:07:17. Rob MacLennan. Apart from the hat, is there one piece of wardrobe which is mandatory for the proper Bard-like appearance?

02:08:25. Rival Guy. This weekend was the Extra Life charity game stream marathon. What is a game (video, board, whatever) that you could play for 24 straight hours and not get sick of?

02:14:41. Casey Lee. I have a question for the Bards about the film The Little Mermaid. The moral of the story seems very offensive to women. This is not a joke, but I honestly find the film offensive and wonder why people show this to children as it seems to teach little girls to be silent and look nice. Do you think people are so enamored with Disney that they just give it a pass on everything they make or is there something else at work here?
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