Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 187: Bard Caster 2049

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review: Stolen Car Recovered, Auditions, Shoots, Dentists, B-Day Parties; Blade Runner 2049 *SPOILERS*; BQotW: Favorite Games of any Type/Style; Questions and Answers: Blade Runner 2049, Scotch Picks, LeVar Burton reads "Goodnight Moon" to Neil deGrasse Tyson; Thank you Patreon Patrons, NdGT plea.

00:02:35. Weeks in Review
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00:27:40. ***SPOILER ALERT*** 
Blade Runner 2049

01:20:12. Bardic Question of the Week

BQotW #186: What are your fun but challenging games (of any variety/type) and what keeps you playing them?

BQotW #187: What/who are your favorite YT channels, personalities, shows?

Questions and Answers 
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01:37:50. Paula Moran. Scott- Could I get your advice on picking some scotch as birthday gift? I don't drink so I am completely clueless.

01:42:30. Matthew Hunt. So have you guys seen LeVar Burton read "Goodnight Moon" to Neil deGrasse Tyson yet?

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