Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 185: Bard Trek: Discovery

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review: Moving, QNAP, Technology, Kids, Subaru, Trips; BQotW: Moving Answers; Questions and Answers.

00:02:10. Weeks in Review
+ Century Link (web)
+ QNAP (Web)
+ Subaru Crosstrek (Edmunds)

 00:21:03. The Orville & Star Trek: Discovery
+ The Orville (IMDB)
+ Star Trek: Discovery (IMDB)
+ Scott Grimes 'Man in the Mirror' (YouTube)

00:45:02. Bardic Question of the Week
BQotW #184: Go-to excuse for getting out of helping friends move!

BQotW #185: Who do you turn to for technical help? 

Questions and Answers 
+ To submit via Twitter: tag @TwoBards with the hashtag #TwoBardsPodcast
+ To submit via Facebook: post directly on the Two Bards Productions page.

00:50:29. James Peters. Have you ever found any smartphone games you actually enjoy? If so, what made them stand out to you in a market made entirely of cookie-cutter microtransaction bollocks?
+ Legend of the Skyfish (Crescent Moon Games)
+ Lara Croft GO (Square Enix)
+ Aces of the Luftwaffe (HandyGames)
+ Monument Valley (web)
+ Trolls vs Vikings (MegapopGames)

00:58:03. Paula Moran. What is the strangest project you have ever worked on just because you were bored?

00:59:34. Matthew Hunt. So what games have you played recently? Any coming up you like the look of?
+ Sonic Mania (SEGA)
+ UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy (Sony PS4)
+ Numenera 2 (Kickstarter, active through 27 Oct 2017)
+ Frakkin' Epic (Amazon)
+ Space Poo (Chaos Cards)

01:03:45. Rob MacLennan. "Ancient aliens"; yes or no?

01:03:50. Casey Lee. On Richard Pryor and Blazing Saddles

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