Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 179: R2 Detour: Bards Before Dawn

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in review recaps; Netflix shows: GLOW, Oh, Hello on Broadway; ManaScrewed.TV; Bardic QotW: HoneyMead is winner for logo font; Daily Tech; Parental Figure Story; Questions and Answers: Movie prop to own; Worst non-hospitalized sickness; E3 Announcements; Why only one mic?; Video RPG Game Styles; New Atari Game System; Where to visit in England; Premise for D&D movie; R2D2's significance.

+ Jonathan Creek (Amazon)

00:07:35. Weeks in Review.
+ University of Washington (web)
+ Weeds (Amazon)
Powerless (NBC)
+ Snow Stories (YouTube)

Questions and Answers 
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00:37:10. Bardic Question of the Week
+ Two Bards Logo DwarvenAxe vs HoneyMead (Facebook)
+ Do you have any technology electronics or software that you use in your day-to-day life that makes your job or life easier that maybe people don't know about, and if so what is it and what does it do for you?
+ LIFX (Amazon)
+ What is your favorite story of an influential parental figure?

Next week's question(s): Do you like the Bardic Question of the Week? How can we boost the signal?

00:56:55. Rob MacLennan. What movie prop would you most like to have hanging on your living room wall?

00:59:49. James Peters. What is the worst you've been sick that didn't require hospitalization?
01:03:25. Rival Guy. Were there any E3 announcements you found particularly exciting?
+ E3 2017 (web)

01:06:45. Dr. Scrumpadumpoulous. How and why would two bards have only one microphone?

01:10:52. James Peters. In video game RPGs do you prefer complete sandbox creation of a character, or being given a character with little customization, or do you prefer a middle ground?

01:20:05. Casey Lee. Regarding the buzz about the new Atari Gaming System, on the rat's-ass scale how would you rate it?

01:25:55. Paula Moran. Scott- A friend of mine is currently in Germany on a business trip and is planning on visiting England on his days off. Do you have any suggestions for places he might enjoy? — looking for recommendations.

01:27:14. Rob MacLennan. In keeping with a certain blog post this week, what would be your premise for the proposed D&D movie?
+ The Dungeons & Dragons Movie We Deserve (EscapistMagazine)

01:32:38. Casey Lee. Deep question for The Bards. Is R2-D2 just an X-Wing Buttplug?

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