Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 174: Los Dos Bardos están de vuelta

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review: Work, Idaho, Futons, MSI Laptop Death; England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales, England, Spain; Windows Phone Rant; Answer the Bards; Questions and Answers: SOL Kickstarter stretch goals; Web design quotes - dos and don'ts; Tinker's Gauntlet additions; Phone gymanstics; Best/Worst in game combat scenes; What instruments do we play; Suggestion for a Two Bards Short - Flashdance spoof.

01:58 Weeks in Review
+ Anime Oasis, May 26-29 (web)
+ Asus ROG Laptop (Amazon)
+ Scott C. Brown (facebook)
+ Jenifer Rifenbery (facebook)
+ (web)

45:40. Scott's cell phone saga

53:11 Future of cell phones

+ CDMA vs. GSM: What's the Difference (PCMag)
+ Google Pixel (Google)

1:17:52. What do you do for fun?
+ Horizon: Zero Dawn (Playstation)
+ Cosmic Star Heroine (Playstation)
+ NieR Automata (Playstation)
+ Worbla (web)

Questions and Answers 
+ To submit via Twitter: tag @TwoBards with the hashtag #TwoBardsPodcast
+ To submit via Facebook: post directly on the Two Bards Productions page.

01:34:40. Casey Lee. What instruments do the "Two Bards" play?

01:39:27. Matthew Hunt. Any chance you've heard some stretch goals for the new Demon Hunters Slice of Life Kickstarter? Specifically Sam and Raalf? ;)
+ Demon Hunters: SOL (Kickstarter)

01:42:52. Justin Everett. Scott, my wife is setting up a professional presence for herself as an author online and since she does not know how to make a site herself she is looking into getting an author website made by a developer. Since you are a one such professional web developer, in your opinion, what red flags should she look for and what rates she should be wary of when getting quotes?
+ Followup discussion (Facebook)

01:55:05. Paula Moran. I'm building a 'tinker's gauntlet' out of duct tape for a Dystopia Rising larp event. Do you have any suggestions for odd/useful stuff to add to it?

01:59:00. Paula Moran. What are some of the best and worst in game combat scenes you have participated in?

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening.... 
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+ Cosmos [IMDB]

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