Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 168: SAGgily Ever AFTRA

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Things that are new: Graphics work for APP-NW Seattle and Portland, Bearfoot Media: ECCC: Emerald City Comic Con; Autographs and the business thereof; SAG-AFTRA new rules, regulations, and opinions from the Bards; Questions and Answers: Con Survival Tips, New things on the horizon, Dining Experiences, 1-2-Switch, Fj-Core

00:01:17. What's Interesting With You?
+ APP-NW (web)
+ Bearfoot Media / Matt Vancil (Patreon)
+ ECCC (web)
+ Masters of the Metaverse (Twitch)

Shout outs: Justin Everett, Jennifer & Gabe 

+ The Last of Us (IMDB)
+ Rob Paulsen (IMDB)

00:23:14. Autographs and the business thereof.

Shout outs to Mike Ott, Tom Gofton.

00:48:45. SAG-AFTRA new rules.
+ SAG-AFTRA (web)

01:20:06. Excited for films coming out
+ Get Out (IMDB)
+ The Belko Experiment (IMDB)
+ Logan (IMDB)
+ Florence Foster Jenkins (IMDB)
+ Passengers (IMDB)
+ Nocturnal Animals (IMDB)
+ Fences (IMDB)
+ Collateral Beauty (IMDB)
+ Assassin's Creed (IMDB)
+ The Accountant (IMDB)
+ Moonlight (IMDB)
+ La La Land (IMDB)
+ Lion (IMDB)
+ The Great Wall (IMDB)

Questions and Answers 
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1:37:10. Justin Everett. Given all of your con experiences? Do you have any con survival tips that we may not have heard yet?

1:47:15. Rob MacLennan. As I was driving home last night for some reason my phone decided that it should add Episode 138 to my music playlist and play it. I need a reason for another visit. Anything good coming up that you're allowed to talk about (or not allowed to but can drop hints that it's coming up ;)?

1:49:03. Paula Moran. What are your best 'too expensive but worth it' dining experiences?
Daniel's Broiler (SinglePlatform)
+ Rue 57 (web)
+ Asado (web)
+ Marrow (Facebook)

1:57:57. Rob MacLennan. Congratulations to Andy on his 'circulation numbers.' Does it look like this things might turn into a bigger thing?
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+ 1 2 Switch (Nintendo) "Quickdraw"
+ Fi-Core (sagaftra)

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Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening.... 
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