Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 160: Happy Hogmanay!

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Holiday RE-cap, Questions and Answers: 2016 highs/lows, 2016 celebrity deaths, directions for Podcast/Two Bards, Lessons learned.

00:03:28. Weeks in Review
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00:21:11. Scott's Acquisitions in Scotland
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00:36:43. Lotta Djerf. Please give us Swedes your input in almost every American tv series or movie - the character (all characters) holds a beverage in a paper mug (seems these have forgotten to make their your own coffee/tea) and the mug is obviously empty. Why not just skip it? Can understand that hot beverage cd be a legal issue if someone spills. Just plain water would do the trick or whatever. Ok, so this might be this years most trivial and boring question but we are just making it a joke how many (empty) mugs we can spot in an episode. Oh and Happy New Year to you! Loved the Christmas video!

00:47:54. Rob MacLennan. I figure you guys will be pretty busy over the next couple of weeks, so now might be the right time to ask what your high points of the year were?
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00:51:19. Seth Davis. Piggybacking on Rob's question, what were the highs, lows, and lessons learned from 2016?

01:21:03. Seth Davis. What projects or events do you have planned for 2017?
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01:24:09. Rob MacLennan. Do you have a favourite voice actor?
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+ Kevin Murphy
+ Patrick Warburton
+ Will Arnette
+ Bradly Cooper
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+ Seth Green
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+ Mila Kunis
+ Steven Colbert
+ David Herman
+ Lauren Tom
+ Phil Lamar
+ John DiMaggio
+ Kevin Conroy
+ Mark Hamill
+ H. John Benjamin
+ Elias Codius
+ Charlie Hunniman
+ Dominic Armado
+ Kevin Michael Richardson
+ Richard Mull
+ Paget Bruster
+ Fred Taskatory
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01:50:41. Seth Davis.  What would you like to see the Podcast become in 2017?

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