Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 159: We Hope Yule Forgive Us (Christmas Special 2016)

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Holiday Special 2016, with Brian S. Lewis

+ Happy Hogmanay (wikipedia)
+ Pork rind (wikipedia)

00:07:25. Unboxing of gift box from Jay Blanken
+ Super Mario Cart, Mortal Combat, Killer Instinct, Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures, F-Zero
+ Assassin's Creed (amazon)
+ Running Man (IMDB)
+ Richard Bachman (wiki)
+ RoboCop (IMDB)

+ Standard Action Season 3.6

+ Spoon of Positive Reinforcement (

+ Gremlins (IMDB)

Carrow/Perf 'Ship' Art c.2012
00:41:45. BSL: What have you been doing for the yule?

+ Andy's request for someone to 'ship' Carrow and Perf


00:50:00. BSL:  Favorite movies to watch at Christmas?
+ Listen to ep.157 (TyphonicBeats)
+ Love Actually (IMDB)
+ Rankin/Bass Productions (wikipedia)

+ HBO Bumper - FULL (YouTube)
+ The Family Stone (IMDB)
+ Plenty of Fish - POF (web)
+ The Star Wars Holiday Special (IMDB)
+ The Star Wars Holiday Special (YouTube)
+ RiffTrax of The Star Wars Holiday Special (RiffTrax)
+ The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (IMDB)
+ The Fisher King (IMDB)
+ Basil Rathbone (IMDB)
+ Hell or High Water (IMDB)
+ Uncharted 4 (amazon)
+ Gears of War 4 (amazon)
+ Bob Hoskins (IMDB)
+ Lemmy Kilmister (Wikipedia)
+ Unleashed (IMDB)
+ Brazil (IMDB)

01:32:00. Charity/Charity Work
+ UNICEF (web)
+ Standing Rock (web)
+ Syria Civil Defense [Aleppo Relief Fund] (web)
+ Seattle Children's Hospital (web)
+ Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA (web)
+ VandalEyes (web)
+ Black Lives Matter (web)
+ ACLU (web)
+ Child's Play (web)
+ Toy Rescue Mission (web)
+ Ronald McDonald House (web)
+ Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (web)

01:43:10. Scott's Christmas Miracle

+ We Three Kings Claymation Special (YouTube)

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