Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 152: Where There's a Will There's Uwe

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Rotoscope, Scrim Work, Questions and Answers: iTunes, Razer Support, Into The Badlands, Uwe Boll, Personality Traits

00:01:17. Weeks in Review
+ Diwali (Mirror)
+ Guy Fawkes Day (TimeAndDate)
+ The Play's The Thing (RSC)
+ And At (Facebook)
+ Rotoscoping (Wikipedia)
+ The Two Noble Kinsmen (RSC)
+ Magical Mystery Tour (CavernClub)
+ Chester Castle (EnglishHeritage)
+ SEA @ NO (NFL)
+ The Evil Dead Trilogy (Amazon)
+ Andy as Princess Leia (Instagram)
+ w/Eric Pope as Chewy (Twitter)
+ Andy as Zoot (Instagram)
+ The Sellout by Paul Beatty (Amazon)
+ Doctor Strange (IMDB)
+ Justice League Dark (IMDB)
+ Arrow and The Flash Crossover Viewing Order (geekritique)
+ Westworld (IMDB)

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00:50:05. RPG Research (Hawk Robinson). Where/how are you found on iTunes?

00:52:28. Razer Support.

00:53:51. RPG Research (Hawk Robinson)
. Have either of you seen the new series Into The Badlands? If so, any commentary?
+ Into The Badlands (Amazon)

00:54:33. Rob MacLennan. So, opinions on Uwe Boll saying that he's retiring from film making? I'll wait until the party horns and whistles quiet down for your answers ;)
+ Uwe Boll (IMDB)

01:03:56. Laura Adams. I recently read that when reading you take on some of the personality traits of the characters and some of those traits say with you. I was wondering when acting and voice acting do you pick up any traits from your characters? Do they stay with you? Which is your favorite trait that you picked up from a character?

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