Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 149: The Mediocre Two

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Dead Gentle-pin!

Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, StarrMazer, Magnificent Seven, Luke Cage, Dead.Market, JQ3 Hard Drives, Questions and Answers

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00:04:17. Weeks in Review
+ DG Store (eventually Dead.Market)
+ Dead Gentle-pins (see image)
+ G-Technology G-RAID 8TB Dual-Drive (amazon)
+ ASUS X99-E-10G Motherboard (newegg)
+ The Magnificent Seven (2016) (IMDB - Preorder)
+ Three Hundred Big Boys [Futurama] (wiki)
+ X-Men: Apocalypse (IMDB - Preorder)
+ Idris Elba in Luther (amazon)+ Beasts of No Nation (IMDB)
+ Luke Cage (IMDB)
+ (twitch)

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1:13:58. James Peters (@KomaruKirinashi). Do you think the world should return to swords and spears instead of guns? What's your "antique" weapon of choice? #longsword 

1:20:08. James Peters. Any advice for writing/role-playing/acting "quiet" characters? Gruff, reserved, broody types? For my #dnd players. 

1:27:52. Rob MacLennan. Are you guys aware of the Wayside Creations flap; buy-out, Kickstarter padding allegations, counter statement, etc.? Opinions?
+ Four of the Wayside Creators Thrown to the Wayside (Gameranx)
+ A blog from Ken Whitman's biggest anti-fan (blogspot) 

1:51:49. Rob MacLennan. Scott, can you tell us a little about The Wallace Collection? The reason why I knew to suggest it, is because I've wanted to see it for years.
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