Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 147: Dwy Beirdd, Un Meic

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, PAX, Wales, Penderyn, Movie Reviews: Junglebook Ghostbusters 2016, Star Trek Beyond, Questions and Answers, YouTube demonitization policy

0:00:49. Weeks in Review
+ PAXWest2016 (Web)
+ Starr Mazer DSP (Web)
+ DSP on Steam (Steampowered)

+ MetalJesusRocks (YouTube)
+ Pro tip: Buy Insoles! (Amazon)
+ Bath, Sommerset (gov)
+ Rhuddlan Castle (gov)
+ Conwy Castle (gov)
+ Beaumaris Castle (gov)
+ Dolwyddelan Castle (gov)
+ Dyfi Furnace (gov)
+ Aberystwyth (gov)
+ Penderyn Whisky (welsh-whisky)
+ Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur (welsh-whisky)
+ Statue of Live Pigeons (see photo)
Statue of Live Pigeons
+ Little Britain: The Complete First Series (Amazon)
+ The Fundamentals of Caring (Amazon)

0:46:00. Movie Reviews
+ Stranger Things (IMDB)
+ Junglebook (2016) (Amazon)
+ Jon Favreau (IMDB)
+ Chef (Amazon)
+ Zootopia (Amazon)
+ Follow Two Bards on Instagram!!
+ Ghostbusters (2016) (Amazon)
+ Fateful Findings (Amazon)
+ Paul Feig, Director (IMDB)
+ #WhatIReallyReallyWant... (YouTube)
+ Star Trek Beyond (Amazon)
+ Barco Escape (ready2escape)
+ Galaxy Quest (Amazon)

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Questions and Answers.
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1:53:24. James Peters (@KomaruKirinashi). The Rugby protection bit is an accurate description of everything that is wrong with medieval armored combat these days. Thanks!

1:54:07.Rob MacLennan. Apart from "JourneyQuest" are there any projects the two of you are working on, together, from the opposite sides of the Globe? Are there any applications (file sharing, etc.) which you find helpful for that sort of thing?
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2:00:30. YouTube Demonetization.
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