Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 134: Jeepers Reapers

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review: Hexage Games Reaper & Radiant Defense, Questions and Answers

1:09. Douggie Sharp. What's one of your favorite things to crumple and/or make noise for Mike Ott with?
+ TENsoda 

3:47. Weeks in Review
+ Japanese Candy at Wegmans (ShezCrafti)
+ Neil Pert Retires (billboard)
+ Glitch (IMDB)
+ Community (IMDB)
+ Sons of Anarchy (IMDB)
+ Vinyl (IMDB)
+ Game of Thrones (IMDB)
+ Camp Abercorn (Vimeo)
+ Seattle Web Fest (web)

17:21. Hexage Game Reviews
+ Hexage  (Twitter | Facebook | YouTube)  
+ Radiant Defense (Hexage)

+ Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman (Hexage)
+ Totemo (Hexage)

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39:50. Karl Burkhardt. Simon r. Green, nightside series or David Gemmell, Drenai Chronicles
+ Nightside Series (Goodreads)
+ The Drenai Saga (Goodreads) 

40:45. Brian Lewis. What is your worst pet peeve? 

43:18. Brian Lewis. If you had total control, what book (or book series) would you love to put on film?
+ The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (Goodreads)
+ Author Clive Cussler (Goodreads) 

46:41. Woodhouse. I'm doing some traveling this week, how do you guys keep entertained on long trips, also what are your favorite travel stories
+ Cops: Pantsless Motorist Killed In Crash Was Masturbating While Watching Porn Flick On His Phone (The Smoking Gun) 

49:55. Woodhouse. What's the most bizarre/ridiculous thing you guys have ever experienced on set, be it film or stage? 

57:19. Justin Everett. Finally saw one of the WA lottery commercials with Brian Lewis in it, got surprisingly happy to have seen that. Have either of you seen the Wizards of Aus Youtube series that recently came out? If so, what did you think about it?
+ Fishing :60 Washington's Lottery (YouTube)
+ Wizards of Aus (YouTube) 

58:05. Paula Moran. What are the best and worst theme parties you've ever been to? 

1:04:27. Rob MacLennan. "Gods of Egypt": CGI failure or marketing failure; discuss.
+ Gods of Egypt (IMDB)
+ Fantastic Four (IMDB) 

1:27:34. Justin Everett. ...supposedly it is bad form to ask an actor to do a scene in the same fashion they did on a previous work. Do you know of this faux pa, and if so, could you explain it a little? I have never understood why that was a bad thing.
+ Kevin Smith: Working With Bruce Willis on 'Cop Out' Was "Soul Crushing" (Slashfilm) 

1:18:24. Paula Moran. What kind of workshops or seminars do you attend at cons?

1:23:29. Rob MacLennan. Any word on how or when we'll be able to see A Bit of Bad Luck?
+ A Bit of Bad Luck (IMDB)

Neil deGrasse Tyson, if you're listening....+ Neil deGrasse Tyson: Web | Facebook | StarTalk Radio | Patreon
+ Cosmos [IMDB] 

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