Two Bards, One Mic – Episode 121: The Bards XL

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Intro music by Randall Marsh
Description: Weeks in Review, Bard v Bard: 950XL, Letter, Questions and Answers

06:48. Weeks in Review
+ Inside Out (IMDB)
+ Jessica Jones (IMDB)
+ The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (Amazon)
+ Dead.FM (web)
+ Southpaw (IMDB)
+ Creed (IMDB)
+ HPV awareness (healthline)
+ Mr. Robot (IMDB)

36:36. Package for the Two Bards

47:17.Bard v Bard
+ Windows Lumia 950XL (microsoft)
+ Andy's Photos (facebook)
+ Lumia 950 XL Shot (twitter)
+ Continuum (microsoft)

1:47:45. On Carriers

1:58:30. Letter. Mike Ott rant and questions about crowdfunding.
+ MST3K (kickstarter)

Questions. + To submit via Twitter: tag @TwoBards with the hashtag #TwoBardsPodcast
+ To submit via Facebook: post directly on the Two Bards Productions page.

2:15:50. RPG Research. What character would you each play in Western RPGs like Boot Hill? Do you get S.A.D.? Did you grow up in Seattle?

2:17:57. Rob MacLennan. Is there something that you would like to learn how to do, completely unrelated to your current skillset?

2:21:14. Laura Adams. What is the longest work day you have ever worked on a project. acting or otherwise? 

2:23:30. Laura Adams. I heard that the storm that hit here in Spokane hit over there too. Did you guys far well during that? Spokane looks like a war zone (yes I do know what one looks like. I am a Vet). Dose it look bad over there too? I hope everyone is safe and warm.

2:25:07. Dennis Nichol. Duuuuuudes! I know it has been a while. Wanted to let you build up culinary escapades for my usual question! Im gonna shake it up a little though: What's the most mediocre crap you've eaten in the past month+ that I haven't harassed you guys? Ok ok ok. Now tell us about the best stuff...

2:28:11. Rob MacLennan. So, Ken Whitman? I hadn't heard about this issue until a somewhat cryptic post by DG. I vaguely remembered the name and in checking some of my past viewed videos, found that I remembered rightly. Maybe my aging brain is just deleting previous knowledge? Anything that you would like to say about it, that would hopefully not result in litigation?

2:30:38. Paula Moran. Thoughts on Christmas music in November.

2:31:53. Laura Adams. This could be a Bard vs Bard discussion? Although I am a Marvel girl myself, so you know who I am going to say who will win.

2:34:50. Paula Moran. What are your favorite holiday treats?

+ Big Trouble (IMDB)
+ The Great British Baking Show (IMDB) 

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